Problem with tomato garden

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by kirk1701, Jun 14, 2011.

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    I'll also add that last year I didn't mulch them...had small early aphid issues that were easy to control. This year I used grass clippings and have an aphid and thrip war that I am NOT winning....can't help but wonder if it's just the year or I'm giving them someplace cool to hide?
  2. kirk1701

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    Hey guys, got the report back from the extension office and yu know what??

    Think I'll mix some dam 2,4-D up and spray it straight up in the air and say LOOK MOM!! no drift :laugh:

    /Joking aside

    I'm glad I'm off the hook with the boss now for this one, and me having told and been honest with the extension office I'm surprised they didn't come back with drift but its my original diagnosis, I said souther welt and they say Southern Blight

    Whats going to be curious to see is if the new plants I planted right back in the same place I pulled the dead ones up at also end up dead???

    Everyone telling me (My sister, brother-n-law, mom) it was preem, the grass, the 2,4D hell I started to believe yea I did it :cry: and stopped listening to my gut and what it was telling me.

    Now I'm sure the grass didn't help, which was why I removed it but it wasn't "Chemicals" from the lawn transfered to the garden it wasn't 2,4-D in the grass clippings it was the grass PERIOD keeping the ground wet which didn't help matters even though the blight was there.
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    It isn't so much that the grass mulch keeps the ground moist, but the "ROT" it causes...
  4. kirk1701

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    I solely agree :drinkup:
    But guess thats the lesson I learn from listening to my northern brother n law :drinkup:

    Might be just my opinion but grass clippings like this might be fine to use in the north but even the article mentions this happens more freq in the south.

    No offence Smallaxe, see your from Wisconsin :)
  5. Smallaxe

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    They're not fine in the NORTH either... Notice that is what I was saying... :)
  6. kirk1701

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    Yea, now that you mention it I do see what your saying. :drinkup:
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    What the heck do you do with all those tomatoes anyways Kirk?

    I've got 4 tomato plants and that's three too many......

    I'd also start trying to do a rotation each season of the plants. Planting them in the same location might cause you problems down the road...
  8. Smallaxe

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    One needs a qt. of tomato juice in the morning, just for bloody marys... that's 365 qts/yr... :)
  9. kirk1701

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    Exactly :drinkup:

    Plus, we make our spaghetti sauce and can it. Can the tomatoes and make chilli all winter, dam that chille is good when the snow balls are hitting you in the ash :laugh:
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    Joe, I was at the Southern Ag in Hendersonville and ask a guy in there that see almost everything. He said that Southern Blight could be handled with "Calcium Nitrate" and to bring them back to use a high phosphate fertilize to get the roots going. Might be worth trying. I told him that you pulled up 40 or so.

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