Problem with ZT-2800 on Exmark Phazer


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Columbus, Ohio
I have a 4 year old Phazer with 900 hrs. on it. The right hand transaxle was leaking alot of fluid from the charge pump cover. I ordered a new o-ring and changed it out. I followed the procedures to refill and bleed out the air. The good news is that it doen't leak. The bad news is that I can only get that wheel to rotate 6-8 times before it quits. It sounds kind of "grindy" and has resistance on the drive handle, but will re-build pressure again when in the bypass position and then rotate again. The other side is just smooth and has no resistance on the handle. I know the fluid is full and I have done the procedure many times to remove any air in the system. The unit is up on a jack to take the weight off the wheels. Does anyone have any advice? How long can you expect a transaxle to last? Can they be rebuilt or must they be replaced? Thank You in Advance