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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PVLAND, Jan 18, 2007.


    PVLAND LawnSite Member
    Messages: 21

    I have a small problem. Long story. I had another company do some work for me. I have a riverbank that is very steep and the homeowners wanted to natuarlize it with native flowers. They wanted it hydroseeded. So I contacted a large hydroseeding company and they gave me a quote of 2800.00. I said fine but I told them I don't want any prepwork done because I didn't want to distrube the soil. I used round up to kill all the vegatation that was there on may 1st and they were coming out around May 20th. They never sent be a contract to sign or any paperwork. June 1st comes and goes and no work yet. I call that serval times before and get my salesperson who tells me I'm scheduled for the following Monday. I tell him I never recieved a contract and he tells me I'll send out another copy. Monday comes and goes and no work. Can't get in touch with the guy. I get a phone call about 3:30 Wedensday from the homeowner asking me if it's my guys there with the tiller. I go over there to find that there tilling up the riverbank. They foreman there goes on to tell be that they can't till it because it's too step so there turning it by hand, and not doing a very good job. By now they have 80% of it torn to hell so I tell the foreman to have his boss call be ASAP. Never hear from the guy. Next day a different crew shows up to finish turning the soil. Then instead of hydroseeding it, the just broadcast the seed on top on the soil. No cover, on topdressing, no nothing. This forman tells me that they normally don't cover wildflower with anything. I ask him why didn't they hydroseed it and he tells me they don't hydroseed wildfllowers usually. I never heard from the salesman. I get the bill for 2800.00 and refuse to pay it. I don't have a contract with them, they didn't do what I wanted, the homeowner is furious with me demanding a discount because it wasn't hydroseed. I refuse to pay the bill untill I hear from someone. I ended up talking to the office person who tells me she'll follow up with the saleman and they'll get the bill straighted out. This was all in June. Today I get a phone call from the company and a letter of a collection agency demanding payment of the 2800.00. I feel since they didn't do what they sai and thay have nothing with my signature that I'm not responsible for any of the charges. I was more than willing to work with them but they ignored me and now are trying to push me around legally. Thanks for letting me ramble.
  2. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
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    talk to a lawyer!! No contract! No PAy!

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