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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by A Perfect Shine, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. A Perfect Shine

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    We have been hurting for employees bad for the last few months. Typically we hire students from nearby community colleges. But lately these guys have been unreliable and we're looking for new helo and a lot more of it as business is picking up.

    What are some good ways to go about finding reliable help?

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    Chris, we have been having the same problems over here in WV. In the summer, it's easier for LA students and Hort. / Dend. students to work once school is out, but in the fall it's a totally different story. I have been trying to fill a part time slot for 6 weeks to no avail. I quit wasting money in the newspaper, and the local unemployment office / job service has been of no help either. I guess the people who want to work all have jobs, and the ones who don't are dead set against working anyway. It's really the wrong time of the year for serious seasonal employees to find jobs, unless it is in a different zone than ours, say Florida or Carolinas. We don't have our greenhouse and nursery built yet, but hopefully we will attract better,reliable employees looking for year round employment when we do.Best of luck!
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    How much are you paying them, and how many hours a week do you work them?
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    We pay $90 to place an ad in the biggest newspaper in Denver for one day, usually Wednesday's bring in the most calls. When we book the add we get a better rate for multiple days, say this Wednesday, then Friday, then next Monday. If we get a lot calls the first day the ad comes out, we call up and cancel the remaining days and still get the 3 day rate. Usually we get about 20 calls. What you say in the ad is very important to eliminate a lot of the calls. We say, "mow crew leader with min. 3 years experience with hydro mowers wanted to work in the SW area, must have clean MVR. $10 to $15 hourly." If you don't list the hourly rate, you get fewer calls. We start them at $10 and move them up if they are any good, our good mowers make $15 or more per hour and they don't go looking for other jobs because they are happy; a happy employee is a good worker-most the time. I interview 10 out of the 20 that called to find 2 or 3 that I like. I start 2 on the same day and tell them when I interview them that we have a 30 day "working interview process". That way they know they don't have the job yet and that I need to evaluate them in the field before I "offer" them the job. Good Luck.
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  6. A Perfect Shine

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    We pay $6.50 an hour until they are trained. And $8.00 an hour after a month or two when they are trained and we trust them to go out and handle customers by themselves or with someone under them.

    They also get tips that average $2 an hour.

    No experience is necessary, we just need reliable people.
  7. A Perfect Shine

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    This was very helpful. I think I'll take your advice and develop a hiring system like this based on the numbers game.

    We talked before about how we'd probably have to go through a lot of employees before we found someone we liked, its about time to put this plan into action.


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