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    I just picked my new Super Mini Z Last Friday and noticed some problems already, not more than 2 miles down from the dealer when we stopped in to grab a bite to eat. We ordered our food and I went out to the mower to make a better overall inspection of the mower before getting all the way home, 90 miles away!

    Have any of you guys that have a HUSTLER SUPER-MINI Z (or maybe the full size as well?) seen any of these problems?:

    3.) MUFFLER BURNING GRASS (even if stop for 30 seconds to move item)

     Can anyone that has a SUPER-MINI Z please take a look at these hoses tonight and tell me if they are even somewhat crimped (the hoses coming from filter and feeding back to the pumps).

     Has anyone had any problems with these pumps?

     How many hours are yall getting on these pumps?

     Also what about the belts rubbing and the grass burning?


    1.) 2 of the Hydraulic Lines that feed the pumps are kinked – CREATING 90 % BLOCKAGE!

    2.) ALSO NOTICED that the BELT that drives the blades had little cuts or chunks on the top side of it – I showed my father-in-law while we were at the restaurant and he said, Hell I have seen new belts like that before, so I didn’t worry about bringing up to the dealer (was more concerned with Hydro lines) when we drove right back after eating.

    So when I got back to the dealer and showed the mechanic he said right away that the Hydraulic Lines were not right. We tried to rotate the fittings somewhat to alleviate the kinks but just made the other line worse. In the mean time the dealer was calling HUSTLER’s TECH GUYS and believe or not they said it was okay, because it was on the low pressure side. The mechanic looked at another unit and said they are kinked also, BUT not as bad as mine! The mechanic and I agreed that the top line that runs from the T fitting from the filter and over to the left pump needs to be longer!

    Yesterday, a friend and I looked at it and we came up with that the two 90 degree turns on that top hose need either a PRE-BENT HOSE or 2 metal 90s to allow the proper flow!

    The bottom hose that also has 90% blockage, is coming from the T fitting and going down to the right pump needs to be shorter. It was closing time at the dealer and they said they would get back with me after talking to HUSTLER again and would send someone down to fix the hoses.

    My big concern is I have mowing to do but do not want to starve the pumps of fluid!

     Well those chunks on the BELT I noticed after mowing just my front yard have gotten worse- I looked closer and the blade belt is hitting the drive belt on the highest position.

    3.) ALSO noticed 2 days after mowing that I had SEVERAL BURNT SPOTS in my yard – 3 of the spots were made when only getting off just to move a hose, a log, and to tell my wife HOW fun this mower is to cut with!

    Thanks again to all on this great forum!
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    If you check the Hustler forum on this site, you will find that the yard burning is a problem. Seems they came up with some sort of heat shield to help but its still a problem for some....

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