Problems with Electric PTO Clutch on Cub Cadet

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ultimatejeep, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. ultimatejeep

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    I was given a Cub Cadet LT1024 that was not running. I replaced the 26h B&S motor with a new factory replacement. It runs great now but the PTO is throwing sparks and smoking even without the PTO engaged.

    Does the PTO Clutch need replaced or does it just need adjusted? The Cub Cadet # for the PTO is 717-04080 and it is an electric PTO.

    I really appreciate any info.
  2. Restrorob

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    Sparks could be a couple of things, Could be a bearing trying to lock-up or possibly something got bent/warped when removal from the old engine. Could even be a broken spring strap in part #5 in link.

    I would suggest taking the clutch back off and give it a good look over for anything broken/warped, Loosen the adjuster nuts and make sure both bearings rotate without binding and are not dry sounding.

    If everything checks OK re-adjust per the below post link and re-install, Once back on engage and dis-engage the clutch six to eight times to re-seat it, It could have surface rust on the disc from sitting.
  3. ultimatejeep

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    Thank you RestoRob. I will try that tomorrow hopefully and let you know.

  4. anrick

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    Hi restorob i am also in need of a electric clutch for my toro z master i would like a used one because the are so expensive any how i found a new one that was damage wile being put on the bushings are damage can the be replace need your help thanks look foward hearing from you
  5. MowerManiac

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    I have previously seen sparks coming from a Cub Cadet 46 inch Hydrostatic drive deck clutch assembly. Before you go replacing things please ensure you have correctly installed the assembly. If the keyway isn't engaged correctly it will freespin which will cause substantial damage to the clutch.

    Do follow Restrorob's instructions however to ensure you have no damaged parts in the assembly itself. I have seen the clutch assemblies not correctly installed but still working with sparks coming out. Due to the clutch not disengaging (keyway not engaged) the clutched smoked, vibrated the mower, and made a horrid noise.

    If you loosen the bolt that holds the assembly on (whilst holding the top bolt) then get a mallet and tap the bottom pulley up, with any luck you will get some movement so that the keyway will be fully engaged. I have had to pull some clutches off and file the keyway back into shape though so if you already have the clutch off inspect the keyway to make sure there is no damage preventing the clutch from seating all the way up.

    Just thought you may need to considder this also :)

  6. Sledge740

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    I have a Warner clutch on a cub cadet that I had to use a puller on it to get it off. Now when I tighten the bolt the clutch is too tight and won't let the motor start. If I loosen the bolt and pull the clutch down a bit the engine will fire right off, but the bolt is loose.

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