Problems with front mount.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by slimart01, Jan 21, 2008.

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    I have been thinking about purchasing a 25 gallon tank and 5-7 nozzle boom for my JD 737 or a walk-behind and using it as a front mount system. Is anyone using a similar set-up? Have you experinced problems with pesticides/colorants getting onto tires and in effect unwanted surfaces? ie neighboring yards, pavement, etc. How would you rate this on a problem scale? 1-10
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    personaly i would't want to walk thru the chemical (dragging hose your not as consentrated/hot on the mix so i don't mind walking thru it so much), also getting the chemical ALL over your mower. the chemicals are VERY hard to get off. a riding mower (ztr/tractor) would be better because you can mount the boom in the rear. idealy a lawn tractor would be good because you can pick them up cheap, most tractors are gear driven and you can control ground speed more accuratly, and last but not least your mowing customers won't see a yellow stained mower in there property!
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    It is not that difficult if you know something about welding, sprayer design, and knowing how to apply the chemicals. I am going through the same thing. I am using a grasshopper 721d and placing the tank and boom in the rear. I droping about 2500 in spraying parts. I am using a teejet 844 controller with pressure tranducer, radar gun, foam marker, redball plastic spray monitors, tank agitation, and anti-sipon spray assemblies. There are a few advantages to this. 1st The system will autoimaticly calculate rate of application due to speed of machine within a speed range. 2nd with the foam marker, minimal overlap. 3rd cost, this set-up will get as close to perfect, however, you have to know proper sprayer const, such as gpm,pressure, nozzle size,. Disadvantages, 1st the grasshopper is a long machine,and it will need some weight in the front for traction. 2nd cost of the set-up, 3rd cant do reall small yards with obstructions in them. In this case I will have a 25' hose with a banding wand.
    I would not place the boom in front unless you want to wear a mask and spray coveralls.
    Here is a website you can go to they are in Nebraska and sell to the ag industries They are very knowlegable in all area's of spray, fert, for ag.

    I know some guys will say overkill but do the math on how much you waste in overlap, or not mixing the spary correctly, or poor application and then have to go back. (there are some guys that dont know this stuff and have a license.)
    If you do 60 acres of spraying and you are off 10% thats 6 acres or even 2% And since you cannot use ag chemicals in turf the price per acre for turf is Sky high.

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