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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kakuenzli, Jul 26, 2004.

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    Today I demoed an Exmark Metro 36 inch on my backyard. The owner of the local Exmark store brought it over and was shocked to see the grade of my yard. I live in a relatively high-end neighborhood, so you think the builders would of done a great job, but the company that graded the yard left lots of bumps and dips. As a result, the ground is not smooth. For example, in some areas the grass blade is six inches in length, while in other areas it is two inches in length. This shows you how deep some dips are in the yard. I had it built last August, so you think the builders would fix the problem, but my neighbor fought them (same builder) for a long time to fix his water drainage issue. Is there anything I can do to correct the problem? Would hiring someone with a riding mower who can tow a heavy-duty roller to come over to roll out the bumps and dips work? Any help would be great.
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    In my opinion your best bet would to figure out how much topsoil you'll need and regrade the property yourself with a machine, skidsteer will help, but as always I find my self using a rake to make sure I get it just right. You say the area you live in is high end so maybe they put sod down, you might be able to roll it up and save it then put it back down after you regrade. Otherwise I would seed, straw, and fert, then water 10 mins in the morning and 15 at night. If you save the sod water it more like 20 mins in the morning and the night. Good Luck.

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    Find a good landscaper to fix the problem.

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    High end only means high dollor-not better quality.
    Fast--- regrade it on a weekend that you have free.
    Slow,---keep adding dirt to the low spots till you get it even.
    I did the slow way and it took me about 2 years to get it right.

    My yard had water issues and bumps/holes from the builder and it was over 300K. Just poor/lasy workmenship.
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    If it was sodded last August, you shouldn't be able to pull up the sod now.

    I'd use AGLA's suggestion and find someone that is experienced in it.

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    What you descrive is very common down here. Buildersw are hiring companies that have no idea how to final grade properties. 200K homes and up are not exempt.

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