Problems with Husqvarna hedge trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, Jun 12, 2001.

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    Hey guys. I was talking to the maintenance guy at the condo complex that my mom manages today. I brought up Husqvarna and he replied by telling me how crappy the hedge trimmer that they use there is. I found it odd because it's only 2 or so years old. He said that you have to the keep the thing level and that it won't run when you tilt it sideways. He also said that you can't keep the blades very tight without the thing bogging down so he says in order to keep the blades running fast enough to cut, you have to loosen them up and it does a crappy job. First off, how do you fix the problem with keeping the thing level? I mean, it's impossible to trim a hedge and keep the dang thing level. I've heard about those things they put in trimmers to make sure they run correctly when you're edging. I can't remember what they were called. But what about the blades? That's just dumb. Bad engineering? He's pretty bummed out cuz they spent $400 plus for it. The model number is like H255 60 or something. I think they still make the model. Anyway, anybody know what the deal is? I probably should have posted this in the repairs forum. Moderators, if you wanna move it, go ahead. Thanks guys!
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    I have had a problem w mine too. I have a 326 husqvarna hedge trimmer that has had a problem with the bearings or gears that transfer power to the blades. While it was under warranty it was replaced like 3 times and then every time i picked it up from the shop it would operate for probably 15 minutes before breaking again. Supposedly there was a recall on a part on it as my dealer stated but everytime they fixed it it still would break. Additionally, i have had a huge problem with the bolts. You cant tighten them down too tight or it wont work so you loosen it up and then they vibrate out and you lose them. THey won't stay in for very long at all. I went to the GIE convention in kentucky last year and a husqvarna dealer there stated that he know that there were problems with it but that their new one is a lot better because they now own redmax and use their design. After paying 120$ to get it fixed again i said screw it and the 15 mins it broke after i used it i went and bought a maruyama and couldn't be happier. The blades move faster on it too for a cleaner cut and it was a lot cheaper.
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    Which Maruyama you bought? Is it easy to start and does it require long warmup?
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    It does take longer to start. I can still get it started easily it just takes a couple extra pulls. I was told its because it doesn't put gas in the carb or the engine directly (im not sure on the specifics) and that it just purges all the air bubbles out. This is so you can never flood the engine supposedly. I don't have the model number in front of me but it was a double sided trimmer that was around $400.00 new. ill try and get it next time im in my trailer.

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