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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Pro-Scapes, Mar 7, 2006.

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    I never asked for free. I did state in as email with them I was unhappy with paying for samples after I was told I would be sent stuff to review Your assuming they are tied to this message board. Something is fishy about everything you post anyways. I was mearly stating my experience with this company.

    I have no problem with the minmum orders at all and usually I stock a good amount of consumable items or items Im likley to use alot. I just dont see a problem with letting me buy some samples before I fill my shop with this product line. Its not about the 500 to 1000 dollar orders. I dont care if its 2000. I just want to know what im getting for my money first. Why is that so wrong. Mind you I have NEVER paid for samples. A manufacture always worked with me to either provide me a distributor close to me or at least sent me catalogs. Im not asking them for anything ever again if they want me to see thier stuff I will have it in my office to review.

    I definatly dont need to justify myself to hotshot because I know who he is now.
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    whatever dude
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    I do also beilive its called the cost of doing business to at least provide solid info on your products. I did in fact request them COD as Im not comfortable emailing my card number or faxing it to them just to have it sitting around on someones desk. I had my card number stolen before. Im just protecting myself nothing wrong with that. DAMN now im all irritated over this. Just pure disrespect. :angry:

    I couldnt even get demensions on thier fixtures... why would I want to buy something then have it show up and be like 6 inches tall for an area light lol

    As for doing my first install yes I am working with a designer to do my first low voltage install at a customers house but I have done several for friends and family with homeowner systems. I dont even know why it bothers me lol. I guess its because they push thier product and say we can have it then say sorry we dont like you now or something because I wanna see what im buying. Seems super fishy almost like a scam. Had they been a real manufacture and would of sent me a credit app i would of been more than happy to do it that way too.
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    man you are carrying on like a school girl who just got felt up in a drive in. Get over it. Move on and give your business to someone else who is more deserving. And you trash me, geeze.
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    We are the company Billy is referring to. We received at least 12 emails and photos and answered all of them. Our sales staff is very busy and really does not have time for consumers. We found he is starting a business and we were willing to assist him by selling him merchandise at wholesale. Our policy is to sell through distributors but since we do not have distribution in that area,we would accommodated him. He never installed this merchandise previously. It seems he wants this for his house that he sent a photo of. It is our policy to ship "sample" orders and all orders
    prepaid by a credit card unless terms have been established. We do not send out free samples. We receive many requests for free samples. He refused to give the credit card information for the sample order of TWO pieces. I told him we are not set up to handle shipping these orders on open account. He said the other companies do this, so we advised him to deal with them. We further advised that we would accept his sample order of at least $500 prepaid. I believe you would use this amount in a very small job so that is not unreasonable.
    This forum has many qualified contractors and many that are just starting out. Most of us are willing to assist in any way we can, but I will not change our business practices and be scorned publicly because he does not like them. William go to a store and lay down your money like the rest of us do.
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    Noel please have the facts straight.
    I would of been happy to order thru a distributor and have them shipped to me that way had that info been provided to me.

    You have some nice looking fun fixtures. All I would like is to see them before I will install them at a customers house. As for just starting a business I am turning my established landscaping business twoard a focus on lighting.

    I have my guns (knowledge and desire) but I need some bullets(quality products) Thats all

    Sorry if you felt Scorned but I never mentioned you by name. I Just needed to know if this was a common practice among manufactures.

    I do appreciate your sponsorship of this fourum and for that we are all thankful. Maybe one day your product will be more avalable and we can review it. Other manufactures did not send me free fixtures. They did send me marketing materials and info as well as had a distributor contact me to arrange to see the product line. I dont feel that is out of line. Per Seans request continue this in email

    Good day to you sir

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