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Problems with Maruyama & Robin Equip.


LawnSite Member
Has any owned or had problems with Maruyama & Robin Equipment?

I just got back for blowing leaves with my new BL 5400 SP backpack blower. The engine melted the plastic housing letting needed air volume escape. The blower was in operation for less than a half hour. This has to be a Manufactures defect.

Also I have notice problems with thier Multi-Cutter Power unit MC3210, it has cold start problems and lacks needs horsepower when at full throttel. This could just be a carb adjustment.

And yet another problem with bush cutter from Robin the NB281. This unit is leaking gas form the carberator into both the air intake manifold and into the exhaust, running and not running.

All this equipment is less than a year old and under warranty, so I will be on the phone monday to the Manufactures, distibuters, and dealers.

I guess Stihl and Echo put a curse on me for not continuing with them. I'm back using the old reliable, right now.

JJ Lawn

LawnSite Senior Member
>Has any owned or had problems with Maruyama & Robin Equipment?

I have used Maruyama string trimmers, bak-pak blowers, hedge trimmers, pruning saw, stick-edger for the last 5 yrs. I have never had anything break down an quit running. Most will start on first pull, Well sometimes second. :) I have one or two items that could possibly use a carborator kit. Other than that, no major malfunctions. The only maintenance I do is keep the filters clean,(replace if necessary) change plugs every once in a while, and grease where called for on a regular basis.

I still have some of the original equipment I bought when I started.(except what was stolen with my truck) Some parts worn, but all still runs. Just bought new cause I wanted to, and wanted to try different models. I like new shiny things.

I would recommend this brand, but seems that most folks on this forum use other brands. Not many post on Maruyama.




LawnSite Senior Member
Portsmouth, VA
I have 2 Husqvarna trimmers (122L & 125R) that are made by Maruyama. They are the best trimmers I have ever used. Never used any Robin stuff. No robin dealer around here yet. Doesn't your dealer set up and test run new equipment so they will be aware of this? It seems as if that would minimize this type of problem. How are they taking care of it in warranty? I would be there in a half a heartbeat. Just a thought.