Problems with my Toro MX 5060 kawasaki fr691v

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rwinder, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. rwinder

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    Developed problems at about 70 hours (home mower). Have taken it to the dealership 4 times but no joy.

    Mower shuts down (cuts out first) after around 20 minutes if engine is runs after sitting for several days. Will restart and run for 5-10 minutes after cool down of several minutes.

    Dealer replaced fuel shutoff solenoid, then replaced it with a bolt, then replaced fuel filter, then fuel pump. None of this has worked.

    I'm thinking it is in the ignition rather than the fuel system (dealer states that they "went through" the carb).

    What do you think?
  2. dieselss

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    If you have an inline spark tester, put it on both cylinders. Then verify if it's spark or fuel related.
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  3. rwinder

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    I will try that - thanks. Could it be vapor lock? The challenge I see is that when the engine is under full load (drives the ZTR tires, spins the blades, and cutting grass) this seems to be a temperature (of the engine) involved problem.
  4. viper8524

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    Could be vapor locking if it happens when hot. Most older systems vented thru the tank cap, but newer productions vent the tank through a carbon canister of some sort then into the engine to be burned. If that canister is not breathing properly it could vapor lock tank flow.

    Check if the fuel filter is running dry when the engine stalls out. That would be one way to determine vapor lock is the issue.

    As mentioned above other thing would be to check spark to the plugs when the issue arises to confirm coil/electrical issues.
  5. RAddiction

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    What ever became of this? Problem figured out?
  6. Robert Z

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    Removing the blower housing to be positive the cooling fins & engine clean should be regular maintenance. I do it at end of each mow season on my Kawasaki FR.
  7. RAddiction

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    Used and abused from previous operator. 2013 50" Toro Zero turn with Kawasaki FR691V. Runs great for about 20 minutes then starts to stall out. I found if I pull on the choke it will continue to run well enough to get back to the garage. Have tried 3 different brands of gas. Sometimes it will run fine for the 3 property's I cut (approx. 2-2.5 hrs) and sometimes it will have this issue in 15-20 minutes. Let it sit for 1/2 hr and it will be ok for another 10-15 minutes. Have tried Startron and Staybil seemed to work but issue came back yesterday. When it started to stall I shut off blades and checked if there was enough fuel in fuel filter, I noticed air bubbles coming into the filter. B a ck to the garage and pulled tank cover and fuel tank off. Heald it up to a bright light and there it was.....some sort of sludge floating in the tank at the pickup. Going to drain the gas and flush out the tank. Will let you know what happens but I'm pretty sure this is going to cure my problem.
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