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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jwilson32, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. jwilson32

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    I have a 48" Walker GHS. Im having problems with it choking up in damp grass about 6" tall. This is my first walker. I cleaned the deck, chute and head. I have it raised up all the way. Im getting the blades sharpened this week end, maybe that will help. Any advice is greatly appriciated.
  2. LB Landscaping

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    6" wet grass??? By chocking I do you mean clogging??? Any mower will clog in wet grass that is that long. My Walker can handle wet grass but I need to slow down. Try slowing down a little, make sure that the screen in the catcher is clean. The walker needs air flow in the catcher to work properly.
  3. The Plant Poet

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    A walker is a finishing mower. Not a bushhog:blob4: If I had a property with six inches of grass I would first cut it with my ragged out (sharp blades of course) side discharge walk behind first. Than I would cut it again a little shorter in about three days with my walker and clean it off.
  4. landscaper3

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    You shouldnt let your lawns grow up to 6" if so you need a bushhog. We have many Walkers and at times do clog on wet grass but if you stay at around 3" and mow slow it clogs ALOT less. Also Walker has availble now a larger vaccume screen in the bagger to help prevent clogging. Do you clean you bagger screen EVERY day if not you should, if theres build up on the screen it will clog mower up!!!!!!!
  5. Albemarle Lawn

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    They cost a lot, I haven't heard much good about the dealers, they don't offer a wide cut, and they just don't make good time.

    I could only see them as profitable on smallish (1/2 acre - 3/4 acre) jobs that are in upscale neighborhoods that are willing to pay premium rates for bagging and debris collection.

    Just my $.02 but my style is to go into a 3 acre prop with my 11' JD 1600, Plus a 60" trim mower, and a guy on a weed wacker. Leave said property 45 minutes and $250 later.

  6. MikeLT1Z28

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    on something that tall (particularly wet) run over it one time with either the ghs door open or let it clog and keep going. yes you have to cut it twice but it's still quicker than stopping every 100 ft to flip up the deck and unclog it.
  7. landscaper3

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    Its all in your location Albemarle! We run 3 Walkers, Toro Zmasters and Toro W/B's Walker if far our BEST finish mower and is VERY profitable!!!! See 90% of the properties here need mowing every 5-7 days in spring and ALMOST imposible to discharge (don't forget we have many that can) do to the RAPID growth. Plus we maintain homes costing more then a million and they DO NOT want clippings on there lawn and pay Very well for this service! You see we found the best way!!!! Walkers on the finish areas and our big Toro's on the open areas that are not seen up close! Up here you almost cant go without one for fall cleanups, we dump appox 75,000 pounds of leaves in fall which is big $$$$$$ we could have a Walker paid off just on fall cleanups. And we also maintain several athletic fields, 200 unit condo's and many warehouses and along with our Big mowers we couldn't imagine without our Walkers!

  8. nelbuts

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    Wait just a cotton pickin minute. He said the grass was 6" tall. Just how short do you guys cut your grass?! I cut at 4" and in one week our grass will grow to 8" down here. I have never liked the bagging system on the Walker. Tried them years ago and they clogged. Tried them a couple of years ago still clogged. I don't care how slow, if it's wet they clog. I have used Scag's for 18 years and only mulch, wet or dry. Use to have three JD F935 with Yanmar diesel blowers and heck they clogged too. He isn't doing much wrong just needs that trusty cleaning stick!
  9. Albemarle Lawn

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  10. landscaper3

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    Best finish mower availble! Virtually no clogging even up here where the grass is real thick!

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