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Problems with new B&G 35hp Vanguard Twin


LawnSite Member
Tamarac, Florida
Question for any Briggs tech. I have about 7 hours on a Vanguard 35 hp and I noticed it hunts up and down in rpm at a constant pattern when at full throttle.
I went into the maintenance book and adjusted idle to 1450 rpm but the cylinder mixture adjustments seem to have no affect on the running at idle. Motor idles fine, throttles up fine but lopes up and down in rpm from around 3700 to 3900 rpm at full throttle with no load on it. Is there some other adjustment I should know about on this thing? Any help greatly appreciated :drinkup:


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Todays engines are running higher rpm's than they use to a few years back. A hunt with no load is normal if it doesn't hunt under load. Just don't run full throttle with no load and set the high speed no load to factory spec.