Problems with new Metro HP

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by TRex, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. TRex

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    I picked up my new metro hp today and tested it out on my lawn and adjusted the brakes a little but every thing seems to be all or none do you have any answers for this so I can pull back on one side while the other spins and to let one side spin a little slower while the is full on (like to go around a big tree). And my first complaint is that when I put it in fifth gear the shift lever hits the drive control linkage when drive is engaged and seems to be a big problem. I don't know how the engineers let that one go. Thanks for any and all the help. Also I have the 36"
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    The "all or none" on the brake/drive belts may be nothing more than it needs some time to break in. The new belts sometimes tend to grab a little more than when they get some where on them. The operator then tries to increase the brake adjustment to compensate. That then applies more brake than desired and so on. I'd simply move take a look at the adjustments and use the parking brake as your guide for brake tension. The parking brake should keep the mower from moving but not require forearms the size of Popeye to lock them in place.

    As far as the linkage contact is concerned, I'll assume you have the ECS handles. The linkages on the ECS/MHP have a bow in them. You want to loosed the jam nut and rotate the linkage the re-tighten it to swing the bow away from the shifter lever. You should also look at the shift lever. It's possible we put the wrong lever on the machine. Yes that's right, even our assemblers can make an error once in a great while. You may need to have your dealer look at it to determine if it is the correct handle or not. Please e-mail me with your serial number and the name of your dealer at If you have the wrong gear selector it may be possible for the gear selector to make contact with the linkage if the handlebars are in the lowest setting.

    Let me know what you find.


  3. Doc Pete

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    I've putting a little talcum power on new belts for quite some time. It takes the "stickiness" out of them when they are new.......
    Hope this helps,
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    You should try doing adjustment on pistol, it is so easy that I said no brainer at all when compared to ECS for the belt model even it is the same setup with different angle up or down. just a thought
  5. TRex

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    Thanks for the help Switch. And Terry I sent you an e-mail, please let me know if you do not receive it. My e-mail is Thanks guys
  6. Doc Pete

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    For what it's worth, belt drives will always be "interesting". Normally what occurs is during use you get dust and small debris on the belts which keep them from being sticky. However, when it gets humid, or starts to "lightly drizzle”, the belt get very clean and start to get sticky again, but as it’s continues to drizzle, the belts finally get more moisture on them and start to slip. So, it’s a funny scenario where the belt gets more and more sticky and then start to slip, and then you just go home (g).

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