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Problems with Red Max 2 stroke Oil


LawnSite Senior Member
Dearborn, MI
Has anyone had problems with using redmax oil? I have used opti for the last 10 years and tried this redmax oil because a local didn't have opti in 2.5 gallon mix pouches. So they sold me red max and within a week I lost a trimmer. I thought it was old so thought nothing of it. The next week my redmax backpack dies. I think it's the oil. The equipment dieing is in the amount of use it getting. I fear my other equip is going to start to crap out. Anyone herd of any problems? When I tore down the wacker It seemed dry to what it usually is when Tear it down and inspect it. I took it to the dealer that sold me this crap, but I don't know what is going to happen.


LawnSite Silver Member
Garner, NC
Not sure but I have recently switched to RedMax and Shindaiwa oil from Opti-2 because of running problems with my 8000s. For some reason, the heat coming off my trimmers now seems hotter than usual. :confused:


LawnSite Platinum Member
I have Redmax equipment on my trailer that is 6 years old. Have never used any other oil than Redmax in them. I am now a Redmax dealer and we never see any problems with machines using Redmax oil. The Redmax oil is very high quality. The oil is not your problem, unless you are not mixing it properly.