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    New customer contacted me to do some work. Dig some ditch for electical, level area for a pool, and build a very small deck. I started the job and overnight lost all my hands due to various reasons. Long story short I am now a 1 man operation with way to much work. I had the ditch finished and the leveling 90% complete. I called the customer and told her my issues and asked what we could do. I told her I could finish the work as soon as I found more hands. She said keep me posted and if I find someone before then I'll let you know. She said I will send you payment for the ditch and asked what I would charge for the leveling we did. I told her I was not going to charge her for the leveling. I was already stressed and hard on myself due to the unprofession image I was putting on the company for the incomplete work. She said she totally understands and told me I'll put a check in the mail tomorrow. Well three weeks has went by. I re send the invoice and get a response. Totally different person!!!!!!!!! She says the electrictian quoted her $100 less forthe ditch work. She only accepted my bid because I was going to do it all as she said. Ditch, leveling, deck. She stated if I send the adjusted invoice she will pay immediatly. Do I just eat the $100 or put the pressure on her. I am already beating myself up on this one and don't want to cause anymore issues. What should I do?
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    I say do whatever you can to get your money. You already told her you were not going to charge for the leveling work so get that $100 that she agreed to for the trench. Shes just tryin to squeeze what she can out of you and that kind of stuff pisses me off and also killing this industry. Good luck with it!

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