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prodiamine and pendi are trash!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Nathan Robinson, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Turfdoctor1

    Turfdoctor1 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 707

    those #'s are completely dependent on what study you look at, what climate, what timing, rate, etc. I spent about 10 minutes and found about 10different studies involving crabgrass control with prodiamine or dimension. In some, prodiamine performed better, in some, dimension performed better.

    Here, unless you are splitting applications, and no one in my area does, the life of prodiamine is much longer. therefore, it is a far better product in my area and in my opinion.
  2. heritage

    heritage LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,358


    Sounds like you are buying into what the sales people @ those seminars, are telling you.

    For crabgrass, Prodiamine is #1 based on my "real world" testing in the field.

    I have used Dimension in the past, but it only lasts 8 weeks tops...must split app. it for season long control in Jersey. Further south I would even think triple app of Dimension, if you could stay within the annual application limit....That would be a lot of $$$$$$ for the folks selling Dimension.

    It is more cost effective for me to apply Prodimine @ the 5 month control rate for crabgrass, ONCE a season. No breakthrough either, if we get some Mad river rainstorm in early August.

    The Post-Emergence of the Dimension is good, BUT only @ the High rate, if you want to kill it:)

    Don't always believe the Salesman Nate, even if backed by University studies.

    Remember who funds those Universities....The salesman's Boss.

    Ask the pro's here what works for them in the real world.

    Many of us are not guessing what works, we already know from real world testing.


    Pete D.
  3. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson LawnSite Senior Member
    from 47712
    Messages: 317

    Split apps are far better effective. salesman for diminsion? Never met one. Just the guys from Tenbarge trying to push prodiamine. Diminsion in split apps are better in MY opinion. Not only are they great for crabgrass but look into all the broadleafs they control. Diminsion is just good stuff. If applied early enough it can help control poa anua as well. Prodiamine does the same thing in that aspect so I dont know why I just said that:hammerhead:
    I used prodiamine last year as an applicator and we had some breakthrough. I used pendi about 4 years ago and was not at all impressed. My friend Tom just swithched to Diminsion from prodiamine because the amount of drive he used last year. At $100.00 a lb. its worth paying the extra amount and using Diminsion. Spraying in a heavy rate for the post-m?!?!?!?!? Not even remotely close to being true. I applied a lawn last week with crab in its 2nd tiller and checked on it yesterday and its (not wilting) but def showing signs of hating diminsion! Prodiamine just cant compete when your wrapping your round 1s up and crab has allready showed its ugly face!
  4. bntt68

    bntt68 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 329

    Prodiamine blows away dimension for premergent control in my area. One application lasts the whole year. You also have to take in consideration the person who started this post said the only way to control wild violet is to spray the weed UNDER the leaf and that Stickers or Surfactants are a waste of money. LOL
  5. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson LawnSite Senior Member
    from 47712
    Messages: 317

    looks like you need to go back to 4th grade and learn to read. What I said is wild violets are a hard to control weed and in order to kill them is to spray them under the gloss coated leaf for control without the sticker. then learn to spell diminsion when you hit the 5th grade
  6. bntt68

    bntt68 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 329

    Stickers are a waste of money and only beneficial with wild violets. On wild violets make sure you spray them under the leaf. The top of the leaf has a waxy substance on them and can be hard to control. Just use a basic 3way. Horsepower is very good. Prob the best that riverdale has to offer. I use a 3way and see very good results. Nathan

    Are you saying you did not write the above post? By the way you spell it DIMENSION not Diminsion. LOL
  7. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson LawnSite Senior Member
    from 47712
    Messages: 317

    scroll up. you say I said the ONLY way to control wild violets are to spray them under there leaves. If you read closely I say they are a hard to control weed and they have a glossy coat and the best way to control is spraying under the leaves. This meaning soak the plant! I am saying I wrote the above post. I said the same things. Three times now! Stickers are as much garbage as prodiamine. Let me ask you something. Do you ever see tru-green lawns have crab breakthrough?!?!? of course! what do they use?!?!? Thats right, you guessed it! PRODIAMINE! What about Weedman?!?!? Correct again, shitty lawns using prodiamine! Lets venture even further. Look at all of your Natures Pro lawns. Next to nothing is there breakthrough and guess what?!?!?!? They use DIMINSION! dOES tRU gREEN USE STICKERS?!?!? YOU BET YOUR ASS THEY DO AND LOOK AT THE BROADLEAFS GROWING RIGHT UP THERE LAWN POSTING FLAGS YOU SEE NEXT TIME YOU ARE OUT!
  8. cemars

    cemars LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 387

    You are an idiot.
  9. teeca

    teeca LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,202

    go with pendulum aqua cap, just tried some last week, no odor or staining (so far)
  10. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson LawnSite Senior Member
    from 47712
    Messages: 317

    Cemars...idiot? If you cant agrre with that you dont understand turf and should venture into the bug business. Terminex is always looking for people without a clue.

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