prodiamine and pendi are trash!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Nathan Robinson, Apr 24, 2007.

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    whats expensive? i like to get in and get out and not worry about the results. had several customers that were using other companies and could never kill the clover, 1 shot of cool power and it was done. customers about s**t their paints. 4 years and couldn't kill it, thats the difference in being small and using a product that works and being large and not having the choice, that and sending one of there tech's out with a LOADED gun (that being cool power) and f**king it up like they do, if they even do the application.
  2. Nathan Robinson

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    there is a comeback rule of no longer than 2 mins here on lawnsite. It took you like 10 mins or so. After 10 mins of pondering on what you could say thats all you came up with.???>....... ok, your right ...Hooked on phonicks did indeed work well for me.
  3. teeca

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    time out!!!!!!! guy's, i need to get another beer:drinkup:
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    Very well said TEECA!!!
  5. vegomatic40

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    Mr. Nathan, Please try to refrain from making blanket-statements such as "Do you ever see tru-green lawns have crab breakthrough?!?!? of course! what do they use?!?!? Thats right, you guessed it! PRODIAMINE!"
    You are correct in assuming that they use the product. The problem is, you have no idea of the rates they use. On nearly every product they use the minimum rate is applied and yes they do a "split app." For example: Let's say a Trugreen technician is given a new-sale in early April in your location-Indiana. He goes out with a tank-mix solution of fertilizer, broadleaf control and prodiamine all mixed at minimum label rates. The prodiamine in his tank is intended to be applied as the first of two applications. Five to six weeks later he returns for Round-2. This time it is too late to apply the second half of the prodiamine app. as he is already doing his Round-3 apps. and his tanks are loaded for Rd.3. What do you suppose he puts on that lawn? You guessed it, Fert/broadleaf control if the customer is lucky. Breakthrough is sure to follow. Being a large company that is marketing oriented comes at a huge price, ultimately the consumer pays for it.
    For the technical stuff, Dimension is a fine product with a excellent reputation in the industry. Used improperly it can also give poor results. My biggest issue is the additional cost/acre for the "gimmick" of getting crab-control up to the 2-3 tiller stage. That, coupled with less residual control (an important feature here in the south) and more root pruning of desireable turf make it a less attractive product for me.
    While I've used Pendimethalin, Dithiopyr, Prodiamine, Betasan , Atrazine, Simazine as pre-emergents in the past, I'm sure my experience pales in comparison (26 years) to you since you have "used them all". Golly gee Nathan please enlighten us all with your vast storehouse of pseudo-knowldege.
  6. Plant Buyer 83

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    Have any of you guys ever used Manage (halosulfuron), I'm not sure where you are spraying so check label for crop uses, but it works great for Nutsedge.
  7. heritage

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    For Nutsedge/Nutgrass it's my Favorite.

    Lesco sells Sedgehammer....Same AI. Great product.

    Pete D.
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    Here, here. Well said Vegomatic.
  9. Nathan Robinson

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    Veg 40. Its going to be a hot summer and atthe age you are I would be aware of the heat stroke possibilities. Atrazine? You simple guy you. THATS FOR ORNAMENTAL BED WEED CONTROL! My mother knows that. As for Tru Green. When I get a Tru Green lawn I usually ask for the invoice so I can work with what has allready been applied. In most cases Prodiamine is applied at 2.7 grams of a.i. per k. If I am not mistaking thats a lb. per k. And even more so thats a full app..With YOUR vast knowledge I am sure you are running no less than 15 full time fert riggs with all the years you have been in business. Anything shy of that is pathetic. Lets just say Tru Green was applying split apps of that. Then with the post m activity of Dithiopyr makes it the better choice. So, I am wanting you to enlighten me even more about pre-ms NOT labeled for turf use. With the years under your belt they should kick you off here for lacking such knowledge
  10. Nathan Robinson

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    :sleeping: Victor. Geez where does Lawnsite find you guys?????? There should be a rule that qualifies you. Your a waste of space on here and you said the same **** the guy with the dice did. Just repeat everything you see on here and act like you know whats going on. Noone will ever notice!

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