prodiamine and pendi are trash!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Nathan Robinson, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Well, for arguments sake, I use Dimension with great results on CG. An MSU study for my area favors Dimension over Barricade. That may not be true depending on your area. There are many variables needed to determine what pre-em (dimension or barricade) to use. My advice is to use what works for you, your conditions, and what you are comfortable with.
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    Mike............................A SMART MAN IN THE TURF INDUSRTY
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    this is hilarious. how can a thread on pre-emergent choice run 5 pages in a days time.

    On the first page, I stated my disagreement with Nathan. He bashed me to the point that I question my own logic. But, I'm glad to see that most everyone else agrees with me.

    Nathan, I think the point that you are missing is what I already stated--not every situation is the same. For you, Dimension may be the best product. But, to sit here and tell all of these successful professionals that they are "not giving their customers what the are paying for," really pushes people's buttons. Not only is it quite rude, but when you are wrong it borders on lunacy.
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    Mr. Robinson... or others....

    In a different thread, "Dow Agro's Dimension 2EW", you stated that Dimension is to be run at 1 oz / 1000 sq ft.

    On page 6 of 15 off of the label, it shows the programs numbered 1, 2 and 3.

    Program number 1 is listed for relatively high cut grass, e.g. home owner yards.

    I would say that 95% of us here fall into that program.

    The northern tier of states, it's at 1 pint / acre, transition zone is 1.5 pints per acre and southern tier of states, it's at 2 pints per acre, the costal south split apps at 1.33 pints / acre, each app.

    Last time I did my math (10th grade) a pint was 16 ounces. Even at 2 pints per acre, that's only 32 oz, less than the 1 oz / 1000.

    Can you provide a link where you're seeing 1 oz / 1000 sq ft???
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    All states except NY and parts of States not listed in transition, South Coastal south or West. Program 1- 0.75 fl. ounces per k. program 2- 1.12 fl. ounces per k program 3- 1.5 fl. ounces per k. In our Climatically diversed region it is 1.0 fl. ounces per k. Have the label in hand. Page 6......As for everyone who agrees with you there are about 4 0r 5. Me saying that people arent giving their customers what they pay for is not exactly what I said. They expect you to give them best control! Again, in MY opinion dimension is far more effective and when you start spending alot of money on Drive you will see what I am talking about. You make an even better point. Thats less than an ounce per k. In some cases thats true. As for me bashing you, I dont bash you. I disagree in a strong way. Look up Dimension vs. Prodiamine. look at the same things IN YOUR TRANSITION that I see. The link where it says 1 ounce per k!? Refer to page 6 on the label and you will see it on the bottom of the chart. Borders of lunacy. Your a comedian and a lawn tech. Thats one hell of a combination.
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    Poor Nathan...You've clearly stepped into the deep end of the pool when you need to stay over in the 2' deep section with your water-wings. Try something new before attempting to make a point (or wear a hat to cover it up). Read the label on Atrazine 4L. You and "mom" maybe surprised at it's wide range of use. Just because you used this product in the past for ornamental bed weed control it hardly limits the chemical for this use only. Atrazine in its various forms is a R.U. product and sadly, somehow your state has qualified you as worthy to apply it without direct supervision. Since you simply ignored my statement that "Dimension used improperly can also give results" it may be beyond comprehension that Prodiamine can offer similar efficacy in a given situation. When the product is put down early enough, at the proper rates, it offers excellent control of crabgrass with minimum stress to turf. Just as a refresher,I re-read the label on Dimension 40 WSP and saw no mention of nutsedge coontrol. Maybe your evidence, much like your thought process is anecdotal and bears little resemblence to actual facts.
    Yes I've been in the industry for many years and I'm fully aware of the dangers of heat stroke. It's one of the reasons I spend much of my time in the office tending to administrative duties etc. While I'm far short of your benchmark of "15 fert rigs" I am fairly proud of my fleet of 6 trucks (5 lawn and 1 tree/shrub). I'm even prouder of my customer base of more than 1650
    customers and the service we provide for them. The last thing I want to do is get into some kind of *issing match with a relative newbie to this site but, if goaded I can go toe-to-toe with all but a few members that visit this forum.
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    poor me. nutsedge control and suppress is 2 different things. Atrazine is used in woodlace as a pre-m in beds. Never seen it on a fert! I dont think you have either. 1650 customers. Nice. You have a nice fleet. I hope to be there in less that 30 years though. Thats the difference. deep end of the pool? funny. Your old and unaware. you mention what you thought were all of the pre-ms lik Ayrazine and all that and never once mentioned gluten or glararicin or anything along those lines. you mentioned some **** that is old news and is used COMMONLY in beds. Thought process and actual facts. The facts ere this simple old man. WHAT DOES THE LAB TESTS SAY?!?!?!? DIMENSION IS FAR BETTER EFFECTIVE. period the end! Reguardless what you may think. You just said your not in the field. Your too old and thats fine. How you determine dimension is not as effective without applicating is a thought process that isnt clicking for you. Again, Control and suppress are 2 different things. Pull out your dusty webster and look them up. Its on this years label.....
  8. vegomatic40

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    The last bastion of the ignorant and ill calling. I still get out and produce and inspect on a regular basis as I much prefer to do that vs. staying desk-bound. Monday I sprayed a apartment complex by hand, 287,000 sq. ft. will still gas in the tank to do more. In fact I have little trouble in stating that I could smoke you and leave you under a shade tree with your tongue hanging out any day of the week still. Since you also equate time put in with the amount of equipment etc. let me also state that I have only been independent for the past 7 yrs. I've worked for big guys, little guys and in between guys over the years. No I did not mention the corn-gluten as I prefer to apply products that actually work vs. organic hocus-pocus BS. Herbicides commonly used in beds? Yes,and commonly used in turf as well. Once again READ THE LABELS. I'm done with this mental midget punk.
  9. Nathan Robinson

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    Your ignorant! corn gluten eats the seed inside out. As for it not working really shows your intellegence. You never used it. so, it would take you 4.78 hours to spray that. Thats if you sprayed non-stop. Punk? why? because you found the label that states 1 ounce on the same page 6 that you said it didnt state that. Accute toxicity causes brain problems. Spray the chemicals in the soil, dont wear it. Work circles around a young military guy? Dont think so! To high speed for your low drag! Have fun fighting breakthrough! You should really look into corn gluten. Chemicals halt the germination and the seed can lay dormant for up to ten years depending on weather conditions. Gluten has enzymes that eat the Apical meristem and leaf primordia! Research your stuff before you bash products your unfamiliar with!
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    ROTFL... What time are you due back in "Boy's Town" Nathan? To come into this forum and make such a broad statement (that Barricade is ineffective) tells me and anyone else who reads your babble, all we need to know about how seriously we should consider anything you say.

    I'm sure an overwhelming majority of members in this forum would take Vegomatic's word on anything to do with this industry, over your word. I know I sure would.

    You do realize that respect is earned, don't you? You're never going to get it here, when you're acting like a kid at the grocery store who's parents won't buy him the candy bar he wants.

    Speaking of credibility... How embarrassing (for a self-proclaimed expert) that you didn't even know how to spell "Dimension," until your were shown how to correctly do so. You think you would have read the word on enough bags over the years to at least get that right young man. By the way... It might not hurt to also work on your diction. Your posts are difficult to understand.

    In closing... While I have used, and still use Dimension under certain circumstances (such as customers who are late sign-ups), I'm a big fan of Barricade. I use it on my customer's lawns with excellent results.

    When you took on Vegomatic and challenged his knowledge, I knew you were in for it. You brought a knife to a gun-fight son.

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