prodiamine and pendi are trash!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Nathan Robinson, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. cemars

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    While looking at Nathan's biography to verify his obvious lack of experience (a whole 3 years), I came across an option to "block" the post of any member who you find to be particularly annoying or that has little useful to say. For the first time in many years on lawn site I have finally used this option and now understand why it is available.
  2. Nathan Robinson

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    Annoying. But right!
  3. Victor

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    Please tell me how to do that Cemars.
  4. MnLefty

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  5. Nathan Robinson

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    When crabgrass is a problem for you, refer to this! Im done with this thread.....Nathan
  6. cemars

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    If you click on a members name it will show you a brief biography and options to view their past post, etc. More importantly there is an option to add someone to your "ignore list". It works because I can see that the newbie Nathan has posted something ( more blah blah blah no doubt) but it blocks the entire post! A feature I never thought I would use but in this case, priceless...
  7. J Hisch

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    Nathan, I thought you are a organic company? then why the use of conventional pesticides?
  8. philk17088

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    OK thats enough to figure out Nathan doesn't know his posterior orifice from an excavation in terra firma.
  9. tremor

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    Nathan said: Chemicals halt the germination and the seed can lay dormant for up to ten years depending on weather conditions.


    None of the pre-emergent products that you have discussed "halt the germination" of weed seeds. Rather a germinating seedling (that is susceptible) absorbs a lethal dose & dies. This is the primary fate of most of the herbicide.

    Some seeds can remain viable for much longer than 10 years.

    Elsewhere you proclaimed that spreader stickers are a waste of money. I agree that some of the cheap stickers aren't worth using all of the time. However some weeds cannot be killed without the use of advanced surfactants. Most all herbicides can be improved (often dramatically) by the use of proper surfactants.

    These unsubstantiated & inaccurate broad based claims are a discredit to your credibility & this message board.
  10. Nathan Robinson

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    Jason, Organics are implemented in my program. Can you find a customer that will pay $20.00 per k for corn gluten? Thats what it would cost you alone. Its Organic fertilizers, reducing the pesticides that are not always neccesary. are you sure you want to argue the more beneficial factor of organics over chemical fertilizers? :nono:

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