Prodigy Brake Controller Not Working

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by milsaps118, May 8, 2008.

  1. milsaps118

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    Everything worked up until I tested my brake-away. My controller kept flashing N/C (no connection) so I pulled over to see if the RV plug was in. It was all hooked up but I noticed that the pin that plugs into the little black box wasn't pushed in all the way. So I unplugged everything, and plugged it all back in and still have no power to the trailer brakes. I have lights but no brakes. Did I blow a fuse?
  2. Greenleaf Property MGT

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    I have a Prodigy controller and had some problems with it, it sounds like your controller has gone bad, the good thing is that it has a lifetime warranty so contact takansha and go through the trouble shooting with a tech and if they cant fix it over the phone they will tell you to take it to your nearest dealer and get a new one.....
  3. DBL

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    check that first and then test power to the box in and out then if that fails check your wires
  4. milsaps118

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    Glad you mentioned that lifetime warranty, I totally forgot about that.

    Sounds good...I'll have to dig out the trusty old volt meter.

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