Product for lining up trucka nd trailer coupler?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, May 12, 2010.

  1. MikeKle

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    I was at autozone and saw a product designed to make it easier to line up the truck and trailer coupler, all it is is 2 tennis balls on long sticks! one goes on the truck and one on the trailer coupler, the idea is if you can see the 2 tennis balls, you can line it up on the first try everytime, but they are asking $28. for this product?! Couldnt anyone just make something like this with junk around the garage, doesnt have to be tennis balls either. They are likely making a killing on this though, Ive said it before, people will buy anything that is put in front of them! After awhile, anyone can usually line it up on the first try anyway, I now can do it too, and can get a feeling for where the ball is.

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  3. ed2150

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    Check out a product called the Couple-Mate.....

    Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop both list them ($40 - $50 range).

    Don't have one myself but looks like it might be just the thing.....
  4. Accident

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    make your own or make some sort of indication on the tailgate of your truck that lets you know where it is in proxmity to where the trailer is
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    It dosent work! It's not tall enough! At leas for me, instead when you park your trailer, use marker paint and paint a right angle around the rear passenger tire (on the ground) and then that's where you have to get your tire into, once you do it like five times, it becomes second nature (kinda like putting a plow on)
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    I just got the new issue of Stylintrucks catalog. The couplemate is in there at $40.99. I was going to order one, might come handy.
  7. MikeKle

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    Dont waste your money on this dumb thing, just go buy some dowel rods and stick some tennis balls on the ends, and you have the exact same thing as they are charging $40 and $50 for! You dont keep them mounted either, just when you are hooking the trailer up, so what does it matter what it look like, as long as they do the same job, all that matters!
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    I know this isn't the answer you'd like but I use my mirriors that are factory mounted on my doors.. Unless your hitch or tongue move on your trailer.. Whatever you see when you unhook is what you NEED to see to re-hook. With my F-350 I can look right down my dually fender to my trailer fender and hit it every time..
  9. jkingrph

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    It does what it says. Really makes hitching a breeze. My wife never could give good directions to hitch the trailer, but this makes it easy. The first I saw was a home brew job a welder had made for himself to hitch a neckover type in the bed hitch. He could not see the ball in a crew cab with a tool box.

    Magnets hold one rod on the ball the other on the hitch. Set them straight up and then literally run them together, just make sure the trailer tongue is high enough to clear the hitch ball.
  10. ajslands

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