Product opinions from big pipe commercial and golf course guys


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San Antonio, TX
If I were still doing large scale install/repair work with gasketed pipe the first two items would be on my list.
As far as the first pic goes, in the old days we used to bevel pipe with a chop saw for install and a hand file for repairs. :cry:
The second pic would be good for repairs done by a single service tech. I've been there, with two rock bars, trying to get gasketed repair couplings in place by myself. :rolleyes:


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Eastern KS
I just used a cordless sawzall with a 12" blade. To bevel, we just took the ol angle grinder to it. If we had to slide a bell end on, we lubed the end and got on the end of the pipe with a long pry bar and wedged it into the ground and pushed it into place.

Then again, we didnt have the budget nor the necessity to buy those tools you posted for a once in awhile repair. I wouldnt mind the beveler though... :D


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Pipe beveler = a must have

Pipe puller = a must have

Large pipe wrench's = a must have

Chain wrench or chain-type cutter = not needed

Small pipe cutter = a must have



Speaking of fusion is the technology pretty solid on that stuff? I asK because I'm getting some recirculating copper pipe replaced in this building. Turbulence damage has worn it thin and I'm getting pinhole leaks every so often. He's recommending we switch to that blue fusion pipe. Partly because the pipe is supported by ceiling anchors and it's more rigid than the poly something pipe he's been repairing with.