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Discussion in 'The Green Guardian' started by VLTS, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Two years ago, I began testing some of the products offed by Greener Pastures on southern lawns. Tested were Hybrid Bermuda and Zoysia, Centipede, St Augustine, and Tall Fescue.

    Let me mention first, I knew we could get a green lawn with the products, but were a little skeptical with weed contol, and we did have some troubles with weed control.

    Extremely familiar with traditial methods, (three ways, carfentazone, Blah Blah..) I was treating the "organic" based product like them. What I have found out is:

    1) read the instructions! This is a great start. But you will find yourself looking for a small area to test something new, such as, spot spraying or double spraying hard to rid weeds. Talk to the supplier, if problems arise, he really is the expert and will have some solutions for you to try out.

    2) All lawns were green. My southern variety lawns were the first to green up and the last to go dormant. I have notice no winter kill problems.
    For those of you who know how tempermental centipede and St augustine grasses are, I can do a application at reccomend rates then immediately spot spray hard weeds with out problems(25%product to water). I will caution, as with any method, turf shall not be under stress!!!

    3) weed die out is slower. But persistence is key. I have been using the 14-0-5 product this year and have notice that the weed control is much quicker and better than previous products. I have also modified my program from 7 applications per year to monthly (10). This so far has been a significant bonus.

    For example: here is one lawn that I maintain with the Green Gaurdian.
    The lawn is a two year old bermuda sod lawn that has never had any treatments.

    Starting in Mid february, lawn was covered in some Henbit, common and hairy chickweed and Poa. Turf was dormant.
    Applied 14-0-5 at reccomend rate (using T-jet gun and t-jet6510 nozzel) then hit poa areas with a 50/50 rate from a back pack sprayer. It took weed die out about three weeks including poa. (I believe the slowness was tempature related)

    Mid march application: new poa emerging new chickweed and veronica showing. Applied at reccomended rate. Bermuda in transition and did not spot spray with heavy rate. Looking back, I problably should have tried it. Lawn starting to look better. A visit two weeks later, chickweed gone, veronica still hanging on but had some browing.

    Mid april application: Applied 14-0-5 at recommend rate, lawn still has some poa problems and some veronica problems. It looks like I will be revisiting the lawn next week to get the veronica under control. Depending on how much rain / irrigation the turf gets, I will try a 50/50 mix again. I must mention, that even with my traditional programs, I'm having enourmous poa problems. Very warm winter!!

    Anyone have any suggestions on using this product in removing Poa a & t from actively growing turf? Or any other suggestions??

    In summary, I have further implemented this porduct into the service that we offer. Will an 100% weed free lawn exist using this product? I haven't seen it, but it does do and effective job at controlling most weeds. You may need to "tinker" with it and customize your program, but then remember what you are spraying!!
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    In our own service we have used the EMG to clear out Poa, then overseed.

    I am working on a new product to specifically control Ivy, Mallow, Veronica, Violets, Emerged Crabgrass, and yes, Poa.

    Early experiments (this season) are showing rapid results. I do not have any conclusive data as yet.

    As a side note I am considering setting up a link to show results of various products we manufacturing and also those that are under development.

    If this is of interest let me know and I will get on setting up that link.
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    Come one this sounds like a sponsored advertisement to post here. Long detailed post what we can use and this is your first post. :laugh: :laugh:
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    Yes, in a way you may be correct. I have a client who has been with me for a few years now.

    He relayed this information to me as he was placing another order. He was asking a number of questions about southern turf and its nuances.

    I asked if he had ever seen and he said no. I suggested he visit the site as I very much enjoy this site and it's content. He was also informed we are a sponsor.

    I have not contacted him to find out if this is him but it would fit with him being a new member and from the south. However, the person I am thinking of is not my only client and I have not conferred with him to find out.

    Anyway, if it is, with my referral he may have visited and posted this information without any "statements" provided by me or the company.

    His comments would be his own and I know him well enough that he is a very honest man and if he thought differently he would not hesitate to express that opinion.

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