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    Are we talking 200 profit. Is this push spreading and dragging hose or using ride on. We usually try to get 1800 a day. Obviously that's not all profit but well over 500 a day profit after taxes and material and labor isn't to far off for us. We are relatively small to small mid size company. My mowing crews need to pull in 800-850 a day for a 3 man crew. I obviously love more but that is quotas. YMMV and that's what makes the world go round. Let's keep it going, more responses
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    We try to get $800-$1000 per day depending on the round...... some days we can do $1,500 when doing bigger open lawns.....$1,800 would be difficult for us... we have very small lawns with alot of obstacles and tight areas...which means no ride on
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    My Fert guys usually do 25-35 stops on average it's about $1300.00 a day. My 2 man mowing crews do $850-$1000 depending in the day. Power raking season the mowing crews do $1500-$2000. Aeration guys do $800-$1200. Seeding guys do about $2-3k per day and the tree guys do about $1.7k. We've been busy this season! Hopefully the phone continues and we keep selling! ABC!
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