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Hey guy's I new to this forum..Just found it today.Here's my ? What would you expect a crew to do in one day of mowing for $$
You can break it down these ways
1. 1 man crew doing res.
2. 2 man crew doing res.
3 3. man crew doing res.
4 3 man crew doing com.

In the past few years i have found that the most profitalbe mowing for res was 2 men and commerical was 3 man crews what do you all think?


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I think there are several important factors that you must compare so its not apples to oranges but oranges to oranges.

mentality of employee -- training -- skills -- education -- age -- weight

I do not feel that sex is an issue because there are several high end operations run by women in our area.


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From the company we use only 2 men operations for residential and 3 for commercial.

The only times we beef up labor on our Grounds Crew is in the early spring when renovations have to be done the same time mowing operations have commenced.

Then again in the fall for leaf removal.
We have rarely used more than three men per crew at either time though.

Sorry about the confusion


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San Antonio, TX you are saying that your 2 man crew is doing about 5.5 residential lawns at $30 each every approxiamtely 43 to 44 yards a my math right?


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I think a 2 man crew for Res. should produce $500-$700/day depending on the size of the properties. For commercial with 3 man crew $700-$1200/day. My formula is I want to gross $800-$1000 a day to meet my monthy and year end sales goal. Once those goals are achieved, then a new $ amount is calculated to get to the next $ goal. Somebody on this web site once said a 3 man crew should generate $20k a month in business. I believe that is true because my guys are close in doing that. This boils all down to what do you want your business to do and how hard do you want to work to achieve it. I have seen a lot of lazy landscape crews that I wouldn't hire because they would hinder me in reaching my $ goals.

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The amount of money earned differs from company to company and area to area. There really are too many variables to consider in order to answer your question with any degree of accuracy. These variables include distance between jobs, equiptment, is the company in question concerned with quantity or quality?, type of turf, growing characteristics, weather etc..