production goals


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Our figures are based on quality not quantity. Being in the business for 5 years I have been able to show our clientele that just like everything else, you get what you pay for.

Our clients are paying for knowledge, expertise, and piece of mind. The question was profitability and what We strive for. Im not out here to brag or look pompous, but at 30 yrs old im not about to mow over 300 lawns for $2000 a week.

I have tried to stress several times We as an association of green turf professionals need to sell Value not Volume.



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Reviewing my statement I see the confusion. The $1300 is for open area homes 20/m sf or larger.

2 man crew with the following equipment.

72" 3 wheel rider
52" walk behind hydro with rocket wheels
48" walk behind hydro with rocket wheels

Most properties are maintained using the 52 on the front lawn and the 72 out back. We also mow with virtually no overlap.

I cannot tell you the number of crews out there where after a 48" deck was used it looks like the lawn was cut with a 36.



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I must be in an area where competition is unbelievable!

I average 60 accts/week - gross less than $2000/wk. And have lost a few accts recently to price! There are LOTS of guys around here with an old pickup, a toro, a weedo, & a blower - and owners who don't really care about a sharp blade.

I guess I've g to really learn how to identify that NICHE y'all are talking about & grow it!


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Kind gardener,

You get paid with surf and sunshine and the beutiful beach boy tunes on the radio in beutiful southern Cailfornia. This is why you are not making big bucks. You cant live in a nice place like that and make what the guys in middle of the U.S. make. Would you like to relocate to the great plains or the boring middle or the freezing north. Well if i had a choice i would catch those big mama waves and keep the california spirit high my man. I can just hear the surf tunes as i cruise from newport to huntington and back down to laguna beach. Wow

Now Will take that $2k and run it through a cost of living calculator.

If you compare the cost of living in the biggest town in my area Wilkes-Barre to Huntington Beach it cost TWICE as much for basic living expenses.

So in conclusion you have to work twice as hard as I do so just to survive. Plus our pricing levels are higher than yours. There is very little competition in my area for we don't have millions who just got off the boat who are used to and willing to work for next to nothing.