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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TTS, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. TTS

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    Starting to advertise for fall aeration, I will have to rent a walk behind aerator. Just wondering what you guys have seen for actual production rates, this will be my first time doing it in a production capacity. I can do the math on my estimates from there just not sure what they will actually do. I'm assuming the 45,000 sq-ft/hr they advertise is at 100% production which isn't possible. Guessing around 35,000 would be more accurate real world if I use the same factors as when mowing, am I close?
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    You are kidding, right?
  3. crgstvrs

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    multiple yards throughout the day you are looking more like 17000 to 20000. All lawns aren't square flat surfaces, would advise you to try a couple yourself and see how you do.
  4. TTS

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    Not kidding. 35,000 was based on 85% of advertised production. 17,000 seems realistic based on how long it takes me to do my lawn just wasn't sure if I was even close to pro speed or not
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    A little knowlege can be a dangerous thing. Aeration production figures are calculated numbers. They take production width time speed. This means it is in one straight line. No turns, no overlapping, etc. etc. A real figure would be had by reducing published numbers by 30% to 40%
    Remember you have load / unload time, rest time, etc, etc.

    Most guys will get an average sub-division lawn an hour or 12 to 14 normal lawns a day and this would be high production for a walk behind aerator.

    I know one guy who splits 50 / 50 any lawns over 12 that the operators get done in a day. This way he gets 12 lawns every day and production guys fight over who gets to do the aerations because of the money.

    Last point. Do not give your service away it is a great service for the customer and does not have to be low balled or given away.
  6. WildLake

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    We have a woods 60" and with 50% overlap, we usually do an ac per hr, and thats at 5-7mph on an easy lot. One of my best guys took 5 hrs once to do 40k with a walk behind. That was the one and only time we used a walk behind, 3ph only after that.

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