Production rates of mowers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NCL, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. NCL

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    Trying to find out how many square feet different size mowers can cut in an hour. 48" walk behind, 52" ztr, 42" walker. I know exmark had it some where on the site just can not find it. Can any one help? Thanks.
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    There is a formula for finding acres you can cut in an hour. Take your ground speed and multiply it by your deck size in inches and then divide that number by 99 if you are trying to find acres per hour at 100% efficiency or divide by 120 for 80% efficiency. I got those off of Exmark's brochure.
  3. Tobruk79

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    go to the exmark website, select a model, the last paragraph in its description has a link to the chart.
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    Don't believe what ANY of the manufacturers state. Their idea of productivity is mowing in a straight line for an hour. Helllooo. We have to make turns, go around things, stop and back up, etc. BTW, their productivity numbers would be "helpful" if I was mowing the center strip of the NJ Turnpike.

    And yes, we have had people here actually state they can mow 6 acres an hour. Right. Sure. :rolleyes:
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    Good point Rod. I look at those numbers and think I'm doing something real wrong. But a reality check tells me I do very few wide open spaces. We have alot of highly landscaped proprties and that shoots the numbers to he!! Matt

  6. Yup, I have one 6 acre open field I can mow in an hour with the 16' toro 580-D Nothing to trim around but 3 power poles. That's just about the maximum, and that mower's rated for I think 28 acres/hr or something.

    If you can mow anywhere near the manufacturer's rated speed you need to sell that customer more landscaping! :)

  7. rodfather

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    Not too many of us here Dave have a 16 foot're prob the only one that I know of.
  8. TacoDaTugBoat

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    Thread revival!
    This is my exact question. I am a residential user first of all. But what are "reasonable" rates for different sized zero turns. Assume fairly flat, smooth, and open areas with well maintain equipment. I know it will be a ball park number.
    I ask because I have ~5ac. to mow weekly at home. Husqvarna states that a 48" Sport ZTR can mow 2.7 ac/hr and a 60" Fastrak SD can mow 5ac/hr. Just how far off are those numbers? Is half that reasonable, 1.3 ac/hr and 2.5 ac/hr respectively? Is more like 3/4, 2 ac/hr and 3.75 ac/hr? Just looking for some "guidance", no written guarantees.
  9. seabee003

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    I can share my information as I have used my GPS unit to log speed time and distance when cutting my lawn many times. I have a complex lot - about 0.5 acres of acutal lawn in a 2 acre lot with a large number of beds to cut around and a relatively step hilly area. I cut with a back and forth pattern to strip and overlap about 10%.

    I use a 48in WB and average 2.5 mph (by GPS), walk about 1.9 - 2.0 mi and get done from behind the mower in about 45 - 50 min. This translates into about 0.6 acres per hr.

    If using a 48in Z just multiply by your relative speed increase (ie if you cut at 5mph mutiple my number by 2). I consider my lot almost a worst case scenario due to the number of beds and trees to trim around so you may be able to add 10-20% for efficiency in addition to the speed adjustment depending on your lot layout (even more if your lot layout is really simple).

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