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    I'm working on a bid for sodding 100k-175k sq ft. Topsoil will be stockpiled on site and will need to be spread at 3 to 4 inches. I'm by no means an operator compared to most guys in this section, but I can and have run backhoes, excavators, and skids. How many 8hr days am I looking at with a large frame CAT machine. Without much experience on this scale, I was thinking about a 5 day workweek would cover it. Opinions, suggestions?
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    On 175k sq ft thats about 2000 yards of material.

    The key to this job being productive is to have the dirt dumped in multiple spots rather than stockpiled and moved.

    Do you know what size bucket you will be using?
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    I'd use a dozer, D5 at least. If you were to stockpile and shuttle material throughout 3.5-4 acres, you'll get buried, especially with a skidsteer. I'd score a dozer and get it dropped throughout the site. You'll really have to be on your game, though, because you'll get the overwhelming joy of running your trucks out into the fill dropping the material right where you need it. The only advantage of stockpiling is that the trucking is simple; pile and stack until you have the material on site, then the rest is up to you. However, handling material twice isn't cost effective. Hopefully ground conditions will allow you to run the trucks right where you need the material.
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    best bet is to fly ron down and have him do it? I'm guessing 3hrs ronnie? Seriously though it'll depend on how far you're having to carry it. If you're renting get the biggest bucket possible and also see if they'll rent you a box rake. This way you can smooth it all out nice.

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    Large front end loader, Bobcat dumping hopper or even just pushing it with a dozer is what we use.
    I have no idea how much that really is, give me that square footage number in acres and I can tell you how long it took me to spread 4" of gravel out with my Cat.
  6. BrandonV

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    ~4 ACRES american
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    Oh yeah, almost forgot about the time estimate. If you can get enough trucks, a D5 can knock down 400-500 tons of material per hour pretty easy if you don't have to get off the machine. You could truck it all in a day very easily, knock it all down, then spend a day or two finish grading. Now that I think of it, you could probably blast the piles with a larger MTL/CTL or skid it'll just take you longer. It's also nice to be able to keep up with the trucks, then you have a real good idea of where you're at with material, where you need to be dumping next, etc.. I was running a fill 2 weeks ago handling 350 tons per hour with a D5M, backing up every truck and trailer, and I had 10-15 minutes to roll every lift between trucks rounds. My weapon of choice would be a dozer, but that's just me.
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    If it were me, I would have trucks dump every 60 feet on a grid pattern and have them work their way out, and hit it with a dozer and a skid steer with a harley rake behind it.

    If you have to carry it due to poor under foot conditions, something with a 6 yard bucket, like a loader or tracked loader, taking different paths and dump it and rough level, using a skid steer to final grade.

    It would take me 12 hours with a dozer and 6 trucks with a return time of 3 minutes between trucks and maybe 3 days if I had to carry it.

    I've done 2 acres with a D4 as soil was dug out from a manure lagoon and that was 12-24" thick with 2 ADT's with 12 minute turn arounds.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    To spread that much soil I'am with Scag a bulldozer is the way to go. A skid steer would take forever.

    If the ground was good enough to run trucks on and you had good drivers they could rough spread it when they dumped it.

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    If you have to get on the internet and ask how to bid a job please let someone else do the job.

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