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    What kind of numbers in square feet can be expected daily from an experienced applicator on medium to large commercial lots? This would be while using a zspray. I know it's no problem to knock out 200Ksqft a day doing residential.
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    Our even over a 6 week period.
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    I can do 4+ acres in a day pulling a hose on residential. I'd hope you could double that using a z-spray on large commercial accts
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    12- 15 acres would be a good estimate.

    I can easily run a route of acre+ properties and get 10 in 6-7 hours.
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    There's definitely a lot that goes into this question.

    If you're talking about just spreading granular fertilizer you can cover a lot of ground on medium to large properties. I would consider anything over 20k to be medium to large. When you're just spreading fertilizer you can widen the pattern a little and increase your ground speed some.

    However if you're talking about spreading and spraying at the same time it's definitely a slower process but still way faster than dragging a hose. You've got extra time filling the machine with liquid, your application pattern needs to be tighter roughly 4ft from tire track to tire track and you should not be spraying any faster than 5mph. Plus, you've got to be significantly more careful around the edges of landscape beds, evergreens, plants, gardens, etc. when spraying.

    Our fleet is all Z-Spray intermediates. On a 9 hour day, our experienced applicators average about 350-450k per day on 15k-45k lawns when just spreading fertilizer. This is from the time they clock in until they clock out. This includes time spent loading vehicles at the end of the day, completing paperwork and production reports, lunch, etc. When spreading and spraying they average around 275k-375k per day on average.

    I did have a 12 hour day I was able to get over 1,000,000 sq.ft done spreading and spraying on some 2 acre plus commercial properties. I could have done more but my 335 gallon nurse tank pumped out of water at around 6:00pm.
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