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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Feb 21, 2013.

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    This ought to be interesting.....

    Ok, let's say you have an ideal scenario. It's a driveway and so access is really easy. No lugging pavers all the way around the house. And let's assume you can have the pallets of pavers delivered pretty close to where they will be installed. Let's also assume that it's already excavated and your fabric and lifts of compact gravel are already in place. All your crew has to do at this point is install screeding sand, screed the sand, and lay the pavers. Let's also disregard cutting too. Just getting the pavers laid out as close to the edges as possible and save the cutting for later.

    The pattern your team is installing is this pattern:


    So just doing the screeding sand and placement of pavers, that's all. And it's a LONG driveway. How many sq. ft. would you expect your team of 3 guys do lay down per day?
  2. DVS Hardscaper

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    6 pallets per day

    This is how I calculate my jobs when I get to the actual paver installation - how many pallets can we do in a day.

    For a patio the guys screed and lay 5 pallets per day.

    Walks are more tideous, and we usually can not get 5 pallets screeded and layed.

    Driveways - at least 6. Cost will be based on 6, but that doesnt mean we won't do more.

    I dont base it on SF per day, as I'm not going to stand there and measure and calculate. It's easier for me to simply count how many empty pallets are stacked on the ground.

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    If its long and not necessarily wide (like 10') we could really move, stage pallets along the side with the skid up the base and sprinkle the sand or load barrels. Two guys feeding and staging, 1 laying, i don't see why you couldnt do 600sf in a 8 hr day. Maybe even 800. That pattern should move pretty quick. Not as fast as a 1 size paver but much faster than the new random designs
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  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    modular patterns usually take a little longer. nope, not rocket science, but one must actually be cogisent not to let the joint lines git to long. and make shore a pattern isnt developedd.

    PAtterns like the "I" Pattern, herring bone, etceterra, go faster because once it's started theirs really only one way it can go

  5. MJK

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    650-700 sq ft the first day. That pattern lays pretty quick, so I would think as the day moves along you will lay them faster and even faster the 2nd day. This is also assuming skid access.
  6. scagrider22

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    Not sure, Ive never laid that pattern but I would say at least 800 sq' a day, we did an Avante Ashlar patio last summer and did 1400 sq' in one day with 3 guys but it was a large paver with a random pattern.
  7. jbailey52

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    We can do 6.021 pallets.
  8. big daddy b

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    With a 4-man crew, skid steer and our paver cart we normally do 1200-1500 square feet per day, that's roughly 10-12 pallets depending on square footage of each pallet. The best we ever did was 14 pallets in one day, those were 4x8s, we were screeding over concrete and it was a long day. If we dropped a crew member, we would probably be right at about 800-1,000 square feet a day, 6-8 pallets a day. Once we get moving, we usually have three guys laying and one guy moving pavers with the cart.
  9. zedosix

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    hmm, with 2 men we've done 1600 with screeding and no cutting in two days. I think alot depends on conditions like temperature and if any of them had a few too many the night before.
  10. big daddy b

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    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat....I call bullshit on this. 2 Guys installed 1600 with screeding in one day? How long of a day are we talking? 12 hours...16 hours? That doesn't sound like a 8 hour day to me.

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