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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Feb 21, 2013.

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    1600 a day is very possible depending on the job and how good the base was prepped.
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    And speaking of "temperature", as we approcach summer months I know the guys work slower in extreme heat (Infact I preach to them to take their time and to stop for water.), So jobs priced to be done during extreme heat times of the year - I add on a few extra production hours. For the last couple years we've had temps exceed 100-degrees. I can't expect anyone to kill theirselves for me.

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    ooops, I apologize, I misread that. Carry on.
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    Thanks to everyone who replied! I thought this would be a more controversial thread. But it turned out to be a very civil, informative discussion.

    It sounds like the consensus is around 6 pallets or 600 sq. ft. per day.

    That's interesting. I recently wrote a proposal for a long driveway and I figured around 400 sq. ft. per day. But it's hard for me to gauge. First of all, we don't do too many paver jobs that are so big that we can really do 6-7 pallets per day. A lot of the patios we install are 4-6 pallets total. So trying to figure out a production time for our crew, day after day, on a larger paver job was something I was struggling with. Of course, I understand that everyone gets different mileage. I fully understand our crews may not be at the same production rate as other crews. But it really gave me a good gauge on what is fairly typical.

    I learned that I over bid a little in terms of labor for this job. But the price per sq. ft. that it came out to was fairly competitive. And it's part of a much larger project so I think we may still get the job. Next time, I may factor in a little more sq. footage per day though....

    Thanks for all the feedback guys!

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