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Professional applicators


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Hello professional applicators,

I am currently working in Malaysia as a full time ironworker. I am a licensed applicator in Illinois .I plan on getting back into business with my family spring 2006.I am friendly with member’s ric and MAC .Ric seems to be one of the top dogs here in the pesticide forum. In much of what little spare time I get off work, I will be among other things utilizing and reading this forum, to seek and refresh my knowledge. This coming spring I plan to become quite active, and seek knowledge as well as give some out. I look forward with excitement to 2006 and to interacting with all of the pros on this pesticide forum.
The main thing I wanted to do besides introducing myself with this message, is while I have time, wish you all a happy Christmas season.


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angus said:
Ric seems to be one of the top dogs here in the pesticide forum.
Welcome. I don't know if Ric is the top dog but he sure is the oldest dog. Now in dog years he is real old. :D


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S W Florida

At least you have the DOG part right. Old dog might be more like it. But I am always willing to try and help anyone.

PS. Stay away from Pat Pong St. :D