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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Quick Cut Lawn Service, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Quick Cut Lawn Service

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    Hi, I recently started a part time lawn service and I was wondering if anyone would have access to a copy of a Bid Proposal I could look at or model from. I have to submit a bid soon for a new commercial property and I want to make it look professional.
  2. harddog00

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    here you can edit as nedded

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  3. BW Landscaping

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    this is great, thanks for sharing
  4. JShe8918

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    Thanks i have been looking for this. I ordered the packet deleted the email and my computer crashed soon after. So i was up Sh@t Creek. THANKS!!!
  5. GreenscapesG

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    Hello Harddog,

    The bid sheet looks great, but doesn't it overwhelm your customers with all that information? I have found in my short time selling lawn care services that they don't really put that much thought into it, they just want a nice landscape that is well maintained. Do you know where I can find a simplified BID SHEET?

    Something that just outlines:

    1. the work that will be done
    2. the frequency
    3. and the final cost. SIMPLICITY IS BEST

    Thanks! :)
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  6. GreenscapesG

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    Hello JShe,

    Have you been having a good response with that 6 page bid when you present it to potential customers? Thanks! :)
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  7. TML

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    If you have apple products check out the Joist App it is a free down load. You can then convert the estimate to an invoice with a few swipes of your finger.
    It saves customer info and products and services offered you can even add images and pictures. Simple to use, very efficient, professional and free.
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  8. GreenscapesG

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    Hi there, I Just did a search on the app store on my mac for JOIST and nothing came up; I noticed its a phone app. Sounds like a great idea, but tough to work estimates and print them out from an app on a phone. Anything web related or an actual worksheet I can use? Thanks! :)
  9. TML

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    I believe it is web based as well as it gives an option and link to view documents created. It was featured and recommend in a issue of Turf Magazine last year. I do everything off my phone or tablet.
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  10. echo

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    has a very simple and free invoice. Email and printable. Easily saves for your records.
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