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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by harryhomeowner, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. harryhomeowner

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    What if, a handy homeowner w/ a good deal of skills, wanted to take on a paver project and wanted to do it all themselves but, wanted to retain your services ie. Project Manager.

    For example install a small paver patio, walkway and retaining wall. But, they were not 100% sure of all the steps, where to get the pavers, gravel, sand, how to properly pitch the patio.....

    All the homeshows make it look easy.

    What would you charge per hour? Would you even entertain this notion?
  2. AGLA

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    It is a total waste of time because you have to understand that a contractor is not in the business of selling his time. He is in the business of selling materials and his crew's time. When he is doing something else, like coaching a homeowner, he is giving up that time from those other duties. That makes a loss of far more than an hourly consultation will pay.
  3. harryhomeowner

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    I would guess the question then becomes:

    How much per hour?

    How many visit minimum?
  4. Markf

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    If I were offered this scenario, I would turn it down. The reason being that if the work were to fail for some reason, everybody would stand in a circle and point to the right to the assess blame. My .02
  5. AGLA

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    The way to find the answer to this question is to ask a local contractor in your area rather than those far away in cyber land. (I'm actually a twelve year old in Manitoba ... as far as you know.)

    It is possible that someone may do this at a reasonable price. All kidding aside, you really do have to ask around locally. It won't make a difference to you if ten of us responded that it would be $10 per hour or $150 per hour. You got to shop where you can buy and that is near your home.

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