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LawnSite Member
Hey I had a question for everyone: Do you guys think that Professionalism can increase your customer base. the detailed things like:
-having some sort of uniform, that is clean
-A neat and organized trailer
-clean equiptment
-A truck that is clean
-The overall appearance of your company
-friendly employees

Could this be some sort of Marketing strategy for a business? When people see you or your crew working in thier neighborhood they call the number on your truck or trailer?

Basically Just curious if anyone out there gets tons of business by doing those things.


Groundcover Solutions

LawnSite Bronze Member
Canton, MI
We have alwaysed used uniformes. Cleanlyness is also key, not just for the customers sake but a professional looking crew sets a good image for you. People feel they can trust you and that you take pride in your work. Just my 2 cents

Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
Well we start out each day in clean uniforms can't say that lasts all day when your playing with dirt your gona get dirty. But the worst is cutting lawns on the Lazer in 90-degree heat when there hasn't been any real rain in a week or more the dust sticks to you and well you sort of look brown when the day is done.

The organized trailer I'm not so sure I understand I figure you have a system to load it right so isn’t it always organized then. When things aren’t where they are suppose to be things get broken a 1600 pound mower can crush all the small items you own just driving.

We do our best to keep the trucks clean but our contract obligations come first i.e. that’s a secondary thought the lawns need to be done first. I don’t know how that is for every one and if they do not have enough work to fill the week I guess their truck is cleaner then mine. We found our self’s working 7-day weeks for a few months last year little time to wash the trucks. That sort of goes for equipment too.

Friendly employees most of them are very friendly as long as owner and the foremen are approachable you got that covered I rarely see a customer come to talk to the guy on the weed wacker they can tell who’s in charge at a glance.

I strive for the goals you set but the final appearance of the account is what my major goal is and it is what sells my work not some 18 year old kid on my crew with tattoos and no clue why he has them.

Cutters Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
They are all huge factors in my opinion. We wear uniforms. 90% of the lco's in my area don't. Keeping your equipment neat and organized will help your productivity. Keeping clean equipment is a must for me. All these things are what give your potential customers that first impression. Many lco's in my area have trucks that you can't read their signage because there trucks are filthy. Mainly it's a pride thing for me. Even if no one ever commented on any of these things directly to me it wouldn't matter because I take pride in my business. But we get comments all the time about our uniforms and equipment. We even have a few customer that want our shirts and hats.


LawnSite Senior Member
our employees sign an agreement which includes: shower regularly, clean uniforms regularly, facial hair groomed, no facial jewelry, must wear boots, khaki pants, shirt at all times. customer must never hear music from trucks.

we also have a checklist that is signed off on every morning. some of the things on there are clean interior of truck, clean and organize bed, clean trailer (we're talking about grass here), blow mowers. these are just some of the things.


LawnSite Member

I think the agreement can be a good thing but thats pretty sad that you need to have them sign in order to get them to shower regularly.