Profit for 5 man crew in 6 days?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by andyslawncare, May 26, 2011.

  1. andyslawncare

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    Hey everyone.

    I don't usually get job of this size, so I want to compare my profit ideas to yours. Most of my jobs are $10,000 or less, but this one is more than double.
    I'm working on a bid that has a break even point of $19,610.68--this includes everything except for what I want to make in profit. It will take my crew of 5 and myself 6 days to complete the job. Any amount of $4,000 and over satisfies me for profit in a week, yet when something goes wrong in planning a job this size, large bills are involved when simple mistakes or miscalculations are made. I want to budget the job right, and I budget for profit. My contract will include a detailed contingency clause that will allow for more materials in certain situations, but I do not like to put unknown labor in those clauses so my bids can be very close to accurate if not untouched. What would you guys profit with this sized crew in 6 days on one job?

    BTW the job includes...
    -remove a 20' long, 6' tall timber wall and replace with a 40' long 3' tall wall and an upper wall that is 35' and 3' tall. (Anchor Highland). 225 face feet. Material will be the mixed Highland (small, medium, and large).
    -13 tandem loads fill dirt
    -5 tandem loads sandy base top soil--spread, tilled, and fine graded before sodding.
    -Lots of grading and moving dirt (using large skid steer)
    -20 pallets 'tifgrand' bermuda installed
    -piping 6 gutter downspouts totaling 300' of trenching with skid steer
    -Removing (3) 40' tall trees
    -Excavating and installing a 125' long dry creek bed with river flats and (4) 150-200 lb boulders per 35' approx.
    -Relocating 4 irrigation heads, and raising 6 heads.
    -Converting 1 zone of pro-spray irrigation to drip, will include around 40 emitters.
    -Approx $300 + some for overhead cost of the break even is plant installation labor, and plants are not yet included in the final number; we'll probably spend $1,500 for plants.

    Either way, 6 days with 5 guys; what do you want to profit?
  2. PatriotLandscape

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    15-20% depends on what they are willing to spend.

    for my company the labor alone for those labor hours is 12k no profit/equipment/materials.
  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    Profit percentage should always be the same whether it's 2 dudes or 12 dudes.

    5 guys at one place just means they're not somewhere else turning production hrs.

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  4. zedosix

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    Definetely more than 4,000. That is not leaving you much of a fudge factor.
  5. JoeyDipetro

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    Andy, you mention break even cost and profit. The amount $($4000) of profit you are expecting in 6 work days with six guys seems to be inline with gross profit, not net profit.

    Which is it?
  6. jonesy5149

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    you priced it of for 6 days.... so 8 hr days?? Are you going to get it done in 6 days and if you don't will you cost kill your profit.(yup) try this fudge factor figure you doing it for 7 days and bill that way get it done in 6. mark up your good 25% soooo if you need that extra day and you will still have the money in the bank. if you do not need it you make out big. if you loose the day you will still have the mark up on the goods( not as much but still there) Think about this you are getting a cost for this job and wen the final number goes out and the job is award you will no if you do not get this one you did not loose any thing.
  7. jonesy5149

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    how is this year going for every body?? What is the trent this year? walks? pool Patios??
    outdoor Kitchens?? Fire pits?? For me it is big patios and water features.
  8. zedosix

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    $4000 net profit is what I want minimum after all expenses paid. Gross profit means little when your bills to run the business are 10k a month!
  9. zedosix

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    Big patios with multiple features. Some pool work, I think we are at 3 for the year now. Our weather has been horrible and people don't want to think of swimming you know.
  10. JoeyDipetro

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    The question was actually intended for the original poster, Andyslawncare, but thanks for the reply Zedosix.

    Gross profit means a lot when looking at your "bills" because your bills are paid out of gross profit. Net profit is what's left after paying the "bills." The "bills" include your salary.

    That is why I asked about net profit vs. gross profit. If I could average $4000 net profit in six days (approx. $14,000/month) with six guys (including me) I would retire early.

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