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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by green1advantage, Jul 4, 2007.

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    what should i be looking to make on a mulch install. we did 4 yards yesterday . 2 yards on the trailer each trip 20 min to pick up mulch 20 min back drop gate one guy loading one laying out 45min gate back up heading to get second load
    so iv got 1 hour 20 min in travel 45 min install first load 1 hour to install second load and clean and blow off.
    so at 85 a yard iv got $340 gross or $56 an hour parts and labor for 3 hours x 2 workers not taking into account 30min to job 30 min home. so getting to the point am i hi or low or am i in a good spot
    estamated fuel use for truck@12 miles a gallon from home picking up loads and back home $15.85
    mulch cost with tax 27 a yard x 4 yards $108
    located in upstate ny
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    Well 85/yard installed seems to be a "normal" price, see if you can get mulch cheaper somewhere else. Did you charge a delivery fee?

    Those 2 trips to the mulch yard cut into your time and profit. You SHOULD be able to get 2 yards in the back of your pickup truck bed. This is assuming you have a half or 3/4 ton pickup. I can get 2.5 yards in the back of my 8' bed truck, I am sure I could push it to 3 but it would be heaped a little bit.

    Your numbers are all cut up and confusing. I'm getting that you've got 6 man hours total including the time to pickup the loads, 340.00 gross minus 123.85 for material and gas. This leaves 216.15 in labor, divided by 6 is 36.02/man hour. Too low for mulch installation IMO.

    Typically after my material costs, my labor works out to 45-55 dollars per man hour for ONLY hand-hauling and spreading mulch. Additional costs come with edging or weeding.

    Example, mulch job I did a few weeks ago, 710 gross, 289 in materials + 50.00 delivery charge, took myself and my partner a hair under 4 hours from time mulch was dumped to time we threw the rolled up tarp in the truck = 46.37 per man hour, maybe a tad more. Of course we didn't have to pick up the mulch, we just met the dump truck at the job site.
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    yes i tend to over think while posting ,need to stop doing that
    my labor was 6 man hours
    my cost on mulch was 24 a yard +tax (black color)
    the low side for natural color is$17 a yard
    black or red are at $24 a yard
    hardwood dark is $27 a yard
    i can charge to deliver
    the truck is a fullsize but a short bed so yes i could have fit more in the bed a yard and put the rakes and blower on top . as to the edging and hand weeding cleaning dirt out of the beds i charged $40 a hour as well as charge to unload for anything i had to haul away(no dump fee) along with doing that work on the days i was there mowing
    so if my costs are fuel/mulch$123.85 delivery$55 price to lay down $85 a yard = $340 id be at gross$395 after cost 271.15 divided by 6 man hours $45.19 a hour that sounds better .that is also the reason id like to get a dump trailer ,haul more less work thanks for the reply
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    anyone? to hi or low for upstate ny

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