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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ltlm, Feb 13, 2005.

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    just sold our oldest cutter 15 years old kubota g1900 4wheel steer hydro. we stoped using it when it hit 12,500 hrs. i rebult the gear boxes --replaced all ball jionts tires --belts --ujionts slip yokes. and of corse gave the new owner all the spare new parts a had for it.he paid $3500.00 for it. heres the kicker ive used it comercial for 15 yrs ive only had under $ repairs so i made a profit $578.62 plus all the years of cutting and makeing money.
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    nothing like 15 years free usage, then profit when done, 0 cost equipment thats what we all would like.
    congrats. :D
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    The same things happpened to me a couple times. Most recently, I sold a walk behind. I bought it at an auction in April for $1500, in September I sold it for $1700. I never did much to it other than put gas in it, so its like it paid me $200 to use it for the summer! Gotta love it.
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    We sold a mower two weeks ago. Bought it a couple of years ago for $980 and sold it for $2500. We never used the mower other than the kids driving it around the property for fun.
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    All of that is called wise investing in yourself and/or your business. Take a deep breath..........wait............wait..............then do it again!!!!!!!!
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