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san antonio
I have a small lawn maintenance co. I do almost no landscaping. I have been doing it for 3 full years. I am wondering what the profit margin should and normally is lawn companies. I did about $130,000 last year with a profit marge at 60%. 60% is after all my expenses. Is that normal?<br>I have two crews from April - October and one crew from Nov. - March. <br>Thanks


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You have to pay yourself a Salary and then calculate your expenses. So, take off another 35,000 for your own salary and re-caluculate your profit at 35% or so. Of course this is excellent. It would be interesting to see how your equipment outlay and depreciation are calculated.<p>At any rate, earning almost 80,000 per year really is nice have been at it for 3 years.<p>Remember, the larger you get, the smaller the PERCENTAGE of profit will be.