Profitability of 200g Spray Rig?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MacKenzie, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. MacKenzie

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    Hi Guys,

    I wanted to ask those of you who have Spray Rigs how profitable you find them to your business. I'm hedging on buying a 200g rig from Greggson/Clark and wanted to get some advice first. I will be using it strictly for fertilizing & tree/shrub care. I want to have the ability to offer both a dry and liquid program, as well as the many other uses you get from a sprayer.

    For the record, Yes I am insured and am will be getting my app license in March.

    If you don't want to post numbers, just give me a Yeah or Nay.
  2. Gimme a link to this sprayer.

    Not sure how a sprayer can apply "dry" products. wettable yes dry :confused:
  3. greenman

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    I think he meant he doesn't just want to do "dry" apps, so he wants to invest in a tank. I will be investing in one as well soon, to fit in the back of my truck. Not 200 gal, I dont think.
  4. MacKenzie

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    You mean I can't just add some water to a bag of Lesco??:confused:

    I'm Kidding... the sprayer is, obviously, for liquid apps. I've got about 6 spreaders of various sorts already for dry apps.

    Here is a link to the sprayer I'm looking at:

    and the home page:

    Incidentally, they've got some neat sprayers that mount right into a broadcast sprayer...might be looking at one of those too.

    Can't wait till spring comes!!!:blob3:
  5. Have you looked at the lesco space saver one?

    I dunno how far you are from GC, but the frieght might be steep on the steep prices.
  6. xpnd

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    Everything you do with a spray rig, with the exception of deep root feeding, and even that could be done with an auger bit, can be done with granualr applications or a good back pack sprayer. In fact as far as product waste goes, a spray rig requires a certain amount of unavaailable product I call "tankage" so it can pump and not draw air. I have a three hundred gallon Lesco rig. I made the decision to add it to inventory for only one reason-credibility for the customer. Customers have been so brainwashed that this is the only way the job can be done that trying to convince them otherwise is nearly impossible. Was it worth it? Yes. I had payback on new jobs within three months. I only use it to applly pre emergents and a few shurb jobs. Sits in the shop nearly nine months out of the year.
  7. Tony Harrell

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    Sure you can add lesco fertilizer to your tank. If you're hydro seeding! That credibility remark was on target. Isn't that a shame that people are like that? You know, I can get a 200 gallon tank for a couple of hundred bucks (minus the hardware), put it in the back of my truck and just use it as a nurse tank. Actually, that's what I'd planned except it's going to be a 100 gallon tank.
  8. bubble boy

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    it's worth it. people will use you over another. everyone wants to deal with one company. just know your stuff...

    where it really helps us is spring cash flow. app programs get paid up front. good $ injection when it is NEEDED.

    cutting much harder to get prepaid.
  9. f350

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    buy one of these, fleet force sells them. this one went for $9100 on ebay 2 days ago..

  10. These are nice too.


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