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    Ok, heres the deal. I've been thinking about starting out part time this spring. But I want to make sure it'll be worth my while. I have a business degree, and I did lawn maintenance and landscaping from the ages 12-22. I'm 32 now and I was in computers but kept getting laid off. I work for a mortgage company now but itÂ’s very slow and I'm not making what I'm used to. I'd like to start out small and grow. I think I have all the right equipment to start out, I need your input.

    Everything is 2003
    Exmark 48" WB
    21" Toro
    Stihl Hand Blower
    Stihl Weedwacker
    Stihl Stick Edger
    Assorted hand tools, rakes shovels, etc.
    1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4X2 V8 (Bought it in Oct. for 12k only had 4,400 miles on it!)
    Still need a trailer.

    Everything is paid for accept for the Truck.

    I bought everything with the thought of going into business but if I don't, I will just have nice stuff to do my yard with.

    How many clients should I shoot for my first year if I'm only doing it part time? 10-15 sound right? I only have to be in the office from 10-5 m-f. So I'll have some time. I plan to start out doing the basics, mowing, edging, wacking, and maybe some mulch now and then. But I would like to plan for growth.

    With most of my stuff being paid for, do you think I'll turn a profit?

    And lastly, how much should I budget for marketing? Any thoughts?

    Thanks a lot, great board!

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    1st thing to do is to get a buisness permit to work out of your house where i live it was a $10 fee

    2nd. you need insurance $300,000 will prob be sufficent at first at this rate monthly premiums are low if i rem correctly aprox $90 per month

    insurance is a must if you own your own house now you wont when you get sued with no insurance.

    3rd. you can find out what the market price is in your area by calling others and getting bids (everyone dont get mad at me for this it works, iknow we hate it but if we all charged for estimates we would recover lol) on your own property. this should give you an idea of expected income per customer

    4th. do not over extend your self the fastest way to loose your business is to neglect your customers learn to say no i cant do that at this point

    5th. an add in the local paper should be plenty of addvertising to sart with aroud $35.00 per week

    good luck
  3. lawnboy51

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    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to start out part time in hopes that I can make $10-$20,000 my first year. Is that an unreasonable number to project? I'm talking gross.
  4. Zach76

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    I think you're in the right ballpark there. If you do an average lawn for $30, and have approx 32 cuts a year, like I do, that works out to a little over $14K for 15 lawns. Do a couple small landscapes and you'll hit $20K no problem.

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