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    Attempting to tweek things for '10 due to rainfall in '08 & '09 and extended growing season. Went with single pre m app @ .4oz/1000 last several years with fairly good results. Here goes...

    R1- Princep & 3way or possibley glyphosate (blanket)
    R2- 3way(spot-spray) & fert (24-5-11)
    R3- 3way, Insecticide (blanket) & fert (24-0-6, slow release, 1/2 rate)
    R4- 3way (spot-spray) & fert (24-0-6, slow release, 1/2 rate)
    R5- Princep (blanket)

    Less fert on the Buffalo & less 3 way, probably one time fert & blanket, then spot-spray. Maybe spot w/ some gly or MSMA on R5 instead of the Princep/pre m., maybe go with the below R3 mix adding the pre m Prodiamine to the B/B/Z, warm season grasses in R3. I am still tossing about options on our warm season lawns. Can't blanket with the 3way more than twice so I'm thinking R3 w/ Prodiamine and R5 w/ Princep, going glyphosate on R1. Used Pricep for the first time this fall and I have never sprayed glyphosate to a yard I did not want to kill. Your input and knowledge would be greatly appreciated .

    R1- Prodiamine & 3way (blanket)
    R2- 3way (spot-spray) & fert (24-5-11)
    R3- Prodiamine, 3way, Insecticide (blanket) & fert (24-0-6, slow release, 1/2 rate)
    R4- 3way (spot-spray)
    R5- 3way (spot-spray) & fert (30-0-0)

    The pre m rate we have been using should give approx. 5 months of control. Rounds run between 6-8 weeks. Try to keep it at 6 but you know how that goes. That would put our second app. of pre m (R3) at mid May early June. Crabgrass control has been good with usually only problems being on the edges and yards with thin/spotty turf. Would it be worthwhile to do the split app Pre m? The main objective in this split pre m is to achieve better control of certain broadleaf weeds, i.e. Spurge, which emerges around here in June so I would be pushing it. However, the label lists Prostrate Spurge, not Spotted, which, I believe, is the weed I need to eliminate from a number of yards. Post emergent applications to this weed have have not produced the desired results, even when spiked with Carfentrazone (Quicksilver) or treated with Sulfentrazone (Surge). If we split the pre m apps, putting it down at approx .2oz/1000, will we see any added benefit in broadleaf control? We have also provided spot spraying of Crabgrass (in our well maintained, thick lawns) which I believe we will continue to do and Nutsedge which I do not think we will continue. This last season saw no end to the Nutsedge growing season and therefore I believe this will now be an add on service.
    Again, your input and knowledge are greatly appreciated.
    Have a good winter!

    Thank you

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