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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gibs, May 23, 2005.

  1. Gibs

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    Hi Guys

    I'm new to this forum but soo happy i found it.. you all seem very helpful and love what your doin in the landscaping/mowing business.... I been mowing for about 5 years now and been basically giving 30-40 contracts threw family. mostly property management companies and their apartment buildings.. but i been gettin calls to do bigger commercial properties and don't know how about quoting them without just takin a guess basically.. I basiclaly only do contracts only a few weekly mowings for cash... like there was a building i quoted 1400$ to mow for the season and turns out last year they were paying 5 payments of 789$ soo say 4000$... so Please help me out guess.. is there a premade program to do use to punch deck size and yard lot and comes up wit a price?

    thanks alot...
  2. GreenUtah

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    There are plenty of estimating software programs out there, from the generic like quickbooks contractor, to the landscape specific, like versions of clip. However, nothing is going to crystal ball what equipment you have, how far things are from your base or previous customer, how quickly your employees work and what they get paid, what you pay for insurance and licensing, advertising, accounting, maintenance, fuel, uniforms, vacations, storage, power, telephones, etc. You have to input these numbers and then some to get any kind of a sq.ft charge out of any software. You'll need to know your true costs and your desired profit perventage before you can ever get a number based on sq. ft. Once you DO know these numbers, you don't need a software program, you'll just need a scratch piece of paper or a pocket calculator. Software is for repeated tasks done over and over, you won't need that for estimates on a handful of properties.
  3. Gibs

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    from canada
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    thanks for your reply....i'll try one of those programs just to give myself an idea.. but thanks again
  4. gl1200a

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  5. HighGrass

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    That's cool but are you using for your speed?
  6. tx_angler

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    Speed = Distance / Time but this doesn't account for turning, obstacles, rough terrain, etc.

    Measure the lot size on your property, (length X width) subtract the non-mow areas. Then mow your property and use a watch to get the time. Divide the square footage by the time to calculate your time per square foot and then you'll have a starting formula for other properties. You'll still have to allow for obstacles and terrain differences but at least you'll have a starting number.
  7. gl1200a

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    That's why you use the 80% figure because of obstacles and other time consuming events.

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