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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RippinV, Jul 18, 2002.

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    I am doing a program from Lesco on my lawn this year (thanks to Tremor who has been a huge help). The grass is in its second year here in southern CT. Its a mix of rye, blue, and fescue and is looking good other than the heat stress from two weeks ago.

    Started out with two applications of 19/3/7 PreM early on about 6 weeks apart, then an app of Momentum, followed by 007 Merit along with some 5-2-4 organic. The last app was Merit and the 5-2-4 on 6/15. My next app calls for a dose of Tulsar and another round of 5-2-4 this week. However, the Tulsar is no longer avail for non licesed application (I am a homeowner) and the organic is to much $$ for me. What suggestions do you have? Lesco gave me Sevin 22-4-7 (i think those are the right numbers). Will this work or should I try something else.

    thanks for your help.

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    Sevin will work fine and if it receives irragation following the application. In our business we practice IPM ( Intergrated Pest Management) meaning that we just do not apply peticicdes because. Merit being applied will not only control white grubs but will give you some control on allot of other surface feeders. Some key things to look at are birds feeding in the lawn in large numbers, wholes through the turfs surface as if a shot gun was shot into the lawn and actually tugging on the turf. If brown blades of turf actually pull up with out the root that may be a sign of bill bugs. Im saying before you apply an insecticide be sure you are actually doing t your a good justice.
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    Thanks Rodney, thats good info. I watered a bit last night after application and we are expecting some thunderstorms with approx 1/2 inch of rain tonight. I told everyone to stay off the lawn until then.

    Thanks again.


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