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Thought I'd &quot;jump in&quot; here to encourage everybody to visit where<br>I write the weekly Landscape Class. A new class is posted every Thursday. I look forward to doing the class ... enjoy being creative in delivering the messages each week.<p>Everything I ever learned about the business (over 25 years combined experience) (15 years in the business, over 10 years as consultant to the industry) &quot;keys to success&quot; can be found there as we go along week to week. Information like that, these forums will hopefully shorten the distance and time it takes to be at your best, do your best, in perfecting the skills needed to do well. Doing well means making a good living for yourself and family .. having something to show for your hard work ... plus being happy as a person ... a feeling that you accomplished something worthwhile.<p>Not one person has all the answers, but together we're building a &quot;knowledge base&quot; of info ... to use, hopefully improve peoples<br>lives. All this because it's true that what you don't know can hurt you ... and what you do know can help ... simple as that.<p>I try to make the weekly class interesting and a little &quot;gutsy&quot; so that it gets away from the dullness of &quot;business writing&quot;.<p>I've always had big dreams and plans for the landscape business, when I was in it I could see people working very hard, but with little to show. At that time, the industry didn't get &quot;no respect&quot; and part of the problem was that people were uninformed, pricing too low, &quot;giving themselves away&quot;. By doing the weekly class, I feel that I'm helping in my own way.<p>The landscape industry is fragmented. Each person going their own way, not cooperating, trying to do everything for themselves by themselves. I can see real possibilities for independent owners to &quot;come together&quot; and have more control over pricing, costs, systems and their own futures. That's why I do the class ... I personally want to see each person in the business get more out of their businesses, better earnings, an easier way of life, more satisfaction, better futures.<p>Phil Nilsson