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    i trying to figure out a program for 2002.currently i'm a liquid lawn monkey,after a few years of this i'm tired of not having results.all the lawns i treat have solid clay bases and are all new sod.
    34/3/10 40%scu works good but these things are 8000-15000 employer has a big goal to hit everyday,so liquid is the only way.this makes me mad preach customer service but force the tech to cut corners.this is why i'm going solo.i want to do 5 app programs
    all dry fert with blanket weed control.i really want to run a high end program using products like gallery pre/tripower load tallstar the second app and somehow fiqure at least on app of ringer into the program.what kind of program are the rest of you running.will charging more on app 2 and 5 to cover weed control cost work

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