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Prohibit Equipment on Lawns?

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For those of you with a ZTR and WalkBehind, do you prohibit your machine on certain lawns?


Do you keep the ZTR off smaller lawns?
If so, what is the size of lawn that you prohibit the use of a ZTR? Smaller than 10,000 square feet?
Smaller than 20,000 square feet?

I'm finding more and more people wanting a WalkBehind ONLY on lawns that are 20,000 square feet or less.

I can see where some lawns will wear in certain areas (using a ZTR) after continuous weekly service, but every lawn is different.

I believe the extra 500 lbs or so is the cause. Meaning the WalkBehind will not wear the grass out as easy as a ZTR.

Most lawns smaller than 20,000 square feet take me longer with a ZTR anyway b/c you have to be so slow/smooth/careful when turning. So it doesn't bother me too much to use a WalkBehind on those yards.

Tell me what you all think!!!

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Originally posted by redbull
You are correct about the nicest grass - just remember bioth of the these examples use irrigation, golf courses are overseeded, and arreated. And a lot of the equipment used on GC have slick, wide, low air pressure tires. BUT I agree if the Z fits use it!
So our ZTR's don't have these?

You had better take a closer look at some of the 1800-2400 + pound machines that run the same size and type tires I have on my ZTR.
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